Under Pressure (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Under Pressure (Remix) as performed together by 2Pac&50 Cent&Queen

Ha ha ha...fuck all y'all...fuck all
y'all...I don't need nobody
Fuck 'em...Fuck all y'all

New York City!
You are now rapping...with 50 Cent
You gotta love it... Fuck all y'all
(Pressure) I just wanna chill and twist a lot
Catch suns in my 7-45
You drive me crazy shorty I
Need to see you and feel you next to me
I provide everything you need and I
Like your smile I don't wanna see you cry
Got some questions that I got to ask and I
Hope you can come up with the answers babe

Ha ha ha...fuck all y'all
Fuck 'em

Money gone fuck friends
I need a homie that know me
when all these muthafuckin' cops be on me
I got problems ain't nobody calling back
now what the fuck is happenin' with my ballin' cats
Remember me I'm ya homie that was down to brawl
Sippin' Hennessy hanging with the clowns and
Day day de
That's right
Ha ha ha
fuck all y'all

Time to question our lifestyle, look how we live
Smokin weed like it ain't no thang, so even kids
wanna try now, they lie down and get ran through
Nobody watched 'em clockin the evil man do
Faced with the demons, addicted to hearin victims screamin
Guess we was evil since birth, product of cursed semens
Cause even our birthdays is cursed days
A born thug in the first place, the worst ways
fuck all y'all...fuck all
ee da de da de da de da

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming 'Let me out'
Pray tomorrow - gets me higher high high
Pressure on people - people on streets

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