I'm So Sorry Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song I'm So Sorry as performed together by 50 Cent&Lloyd Banks&Young Buck&the Game)

Intro: 50 Cent
50 cent, uh
Llod banks, uh
Young Buck, uh
Game Niggaz G-UNIT

Verse 1: 50 Cent
haha its easy man, its easy man
Ay yo I switch my hustle, no more dice
games dillemas you see blood
in the snow after the shots in december
Niggas is broke that's why they stay ice grillin
I'm in the aspens laughin snow mobilin
with a beautiful bitch she chocolate athletic
ass poke out like serena asks banks he seen her
plus she hood she ain't hollywood remind me of trina
D's come shorti even down to hold down a nena
G stand for gangsta unit stand
for u niggaz in trouble
better lock and load on the double

Chorus: 50 Cent
I'm so sorry
niggaz all fucked up they ain't
gettin money in the hood
I'm So Sorry
I lied to ya say I let you hold
something homey if I could
I'm so sorry

50 talking:
You know I could but I don't wanna help you out nigga
I'm SO sorry

Verse 2: The Game
I'm in that 6, 7 glass house
in and out of lanes
murder on my mind
old english runnin through my veins
I think about easy and it eases my pain
I drink a 40 ounce g unit soakin in the rain
I came into this world both feet in the dirt
no purple label no button up shirt
no harm intended no subliminal disses
but hard facts seperate the men from the bitches
I would popped your ass if I thought you was worthy
lookin like boy george in that larry bird jersey
buck pass the dutch I'm blowin that bob marley
hop off the G-4 lets have a boston tech party G-UNIT

Chorus: 50 Cent
I'm so sorry
You niggas don't sound that good
when you step in the booth
I'm So sorry
nigga that it hurt but god dammit u kno its da truth
I'm So Sorry
you see me do good its makin your punk ass sick
I'm so sorry
that I ain't got room for all you niggas on my dick
I'm so Sorry

Verse 3: Lloyd Banks:
a snap of a finger will make you guys cripple
I came up with this on the shitta, nigga
I handle bars like a bicycle
stars make your eyes trickle
as stiff as an icecycle
the muffalas the sounds of land that's why I whistle
fire your stylists you know dats wrong
for letting you put that foot locker noback on
around here niggas get shot for performin that song
and hoes cut they eyebrows off and draw them back on
they try to merk me yo
that's why 50 bought me a trey pound with
a nose longer then pinnchio
pop shit I stroke your slut
and soon as her mouth open up what?
same color as coconut

Chorus: 50 Cent
I'm so Sorry
you ain't from compton you ain't gotta flow like game
I'm so sorry
you ain't lloyd banks mixtape artist of the year man
I'm so sorry
you ain't young buck you don't let
the gun buck son you butt
I'm so sorry
you get outta line ill personally come fuck you up

Verse 4: Young Buck
we don't chase no hoes
we dream about it while we make the dough
ill have a hundred fuckin hatiains
come and cut your throat
I still touch the dough
niggas my ears to the street
I got niggas from your own hood workin for me
you got ya hand out
can't even bail your man out
real know real cuz the bitch niggas stand out
nobody gonna miss you when the dessert eagle hits you
just do like pac said pour out a little liquor
picture gettin your chest blown open
and no one there to save ya
you momma gotta wake up makin funeral arrangements
you kno who to play with and we ain't the ones
this G-unit shit is deeper than a prick
in your thumb motha fuckas

50 talking:
yeah I wanna take the time out to
apologize to all yall niggas
that put out records this year and didn't
sell no records I'm so sorry
hahaha oh man I don't even know how
to explain it pimp you can't get dat
money when I'm around haha
I don't say shit all I did was
swith my hustle muh'fucka

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