Round Here (Remix) Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Round Here (Remix) as performed together by 50 Cent&Tony Yayo&Lloyd Banks

50 Cent Chorus
Me I call the shots 'round here,
I say who get shot, who don't get shot 'round here,
I selled coke and caine, pump on the block round' here,
Stick up kids, get they ass got 'round here,
Niggas snitchin', d's comin', it's hot 'round here,
If they run up on one-a-tha spots 'round here,
Lloyd Banks
Be on point, its easy to get knocked 'round here,
50 Cent
But be smart, you needa have that glock 'round here

Verse 1 - Tony Yayo
Yo, I'm on that James Bond shit, that Z3 smokin'
that bomb shit, my guns in my armpit
I'm still pitchin' rock and bundles of D,
but you can catch me in Hollywood with
Pamela Lee (Whoo!)
Yo my team stay rocky kid, in the crib,
priced out is as big as Versace crib
You could be D-Zel or Frel, my 9mil, I drive
by and do you like the Russians ta Denzel


Verse 2 - Lloyd Banks
They ain't never heard a clique like mine so
heavy, so they admire is heavy
clue, you better get them fire trucks ready, cause I am, I'm hot now
I came up quicker, they comparin' me to veterans
nigga, and I'm to young to buy liquer
I'm rollin' out till they break a pore of a
chip straight, strugglin' baby, I'm on tour
of a mixtape (Yea!)
Frontin'l get ya ass done
Nigga, my flows worth mills, like the dress
Princess Diana crashed in (AAAAHH!)


Verse 3 - 50 Cent
Even the old folks in my hood know I stay with a
gat, they say "Sabrina baby boy jus don't
know how-ta act"
If you gona front that hollow tip leave a
hole in ya Jag' (Yea!) big enough to fit a D
battery in your back
You call G-unit, Jew-unit the way that money stack
it's a feat for me, Nigga you were payin' for that
We got artilleries and targets to spit it
at, Banks to popin shots, He can sign all
your fitted hats


50 Cent
Yea nigga, you need to have your motherfuckin gun 'round here
don't be off to see the wizard, motherfucker
Lyin' without a heart
You ain't gonna do nothin' nigga
don't make me touch somethin' out this muthafucka
Go ahead and act bad nigga, I'm waitin' on these niggas
Hehehe, you think I'm scared?
O, I'm shakin' in my muthafuckin shoes
I'm scared to death, hahaha
don't I sound scared? hahaha

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