Single Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Single as performed together by 50 Cent&OLIVIA&TALIB KWELI AND LIL' JON

Intro (Olivia):
Let me be what I want to be
To the whole life more
In the rainy winter days
Stays in my mind, oh
My stopping tooth became teeth
And I know, own my mind, oh

Verse 1 (50 Cent):
Whenever I get you filling my mind
In my visions wanna clear my eyes
Whatever do get was putting me on
Is ever I fail to test and it falls
To my candy, feel, feel, chill up
Cheating around my ears was the gayest day
On my whole life ever
Want to step up and dosage the closing line
Never sign up nor log in to my account
Two days was the illest day of my life
From the gayest days (happy days)
To the illest days (sad days)
I wanna control my best friend length
to the intentioned lollipop lick
To my only one Olivia (my best friend)

Refrain (50 Cent):
Sugar daddy, puff daddy (that's
the boy that was accused of
Fuck you P. Diddy!
I wanna control the fucking pedicure senses
Number one, get close to the two
In my three lives ever to the town
Better fallback again to that sex
And see the shit (idiot huh)
coming through (thru and true or
thorough and through) it

Chorus (50 Cent):
No time to waste
Let cut the days from controversial to not (nut)
Let's open the topic to the
lost planes and ships
Across the Bermuda Triangle
Then we can say that we've
just best friend it on
Then we can say that we've listen to it
Then they know that were single

Verse 2 (Olivia):
Step two and the way my visions fill my sight
My sight to the sides of the mothafucka obstacle
The Pussycat Dolls
Nicole Scherzinger
Throw the titties or shall I
say the pussy is wet
The mood is spermed your stail and work
Oh, oh, wanna see a big dick through the testis
The penis cut the urine through the hole
Through the hole in the head
(One of the single of the Sugababes
last fucking shit 2004)
Oh, the Sugababes are just like us
They're making their imagination
go wild and they're so vulgar
like us 50 Cent
You know we've just sexed up
And I like the taste of your
negro style sex drive
Your penis is big and I like your sperm
My pussy is wet because of the
water on your big dick
My sperm (oh) your sperm
Your sperm is in my tongue
Because it's new born
And visnyuborn
I wanna see the fucking 50 Cent
which is leathered the penis
My best friend when he's lying
That he was single just (pussy) to
sex with the pussy girls

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Verse 3 (Talib Kweli):
Better hang on through the climbing water
Through the sugar suga suga mommy's mama cure
I wanna see the chickens over
the hole in the sky
While they manicure, pedicure, medicure
No time to say I'm hurried
Jams to jamz, waint and waint
Want to, to wanna
Oh, the words were totally kicked out
The cat prepositions in my mind
Dazzle polyester dazzle
Silk satin
Brown or black leather
Just to wear only for sex
End in my and to the & of end plus and to & you
No one can understand the wordy
poury shit words above

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Verse 4 (Lil' Jon):
I have something to say
Just so easy, fast and limited and quick
This is it, uhuh, uhuh

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Bridge (50 Cent):
Were how
It's too long
Were running out of time
Were running about 9 minutes now
So just repeat it on

Repeat Refrain and Chorus

Coda (50 Cent):
Hey, ho single
Hey ha
Hey, ha, single dada lap hey
I wanna lap your top to tap the stoplight
Green light, red light, orange light
And the prestige prestige or pressy
with light of white light
Hey ha, goodbye, goodevening, even it's morning
You know why?
Because we have to sex with
my best friend Olive!
(Who is Olive?)
(Are you a fucking girl which is pussy?)
Of course, it's Olivia
(Ah, okay!)
Oh, oh, oh, woop!
Hoop ha

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