Southside Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Southside as performed together by 50 Cent&Lloyd Banks&Tony Yayo

Intro: 50 Cent
South...siiiiiiide (Yeah, you know I'm never 'gon change you know)
South...siiiiiiide (If I was tryin to change, I
probably couldn't change you know)
South...siiiiiiide (I'm fucked up man, it's where I'm from nigga!!!)

Verse 1: 50 Cent
Look at you, you lil' dirty ass nigga you ain't shit
I'm glad you here though you just in time to get the grits
Run to the store, get some Quaker Oats or some O.E.
Tell Harpee it's from me, he'll let you owe'em he know me (Yeah)
that's how they used to talk to a nigga growin up
that's why I give him my ass to kiss blowin up (Fuck y'all!)
Took my biggest loss at eight, you know when mommy died
I ain't know what was goin on, I ain't even fuckin cry
Man, truce and I blow, them Bonnevilles turn to BMs' (Wooooo!)
Some niggas wanted to be Mike, but me I wanted
to be him (You lookin good man!)
Four finger ring, rope chain and medallion (Damn!)
Red bone bitch wit a ass like a stallion (Woo!)
it's a dream, it's a dream, it's all a dream (Yeah)
I get the coke, get some pistols and build a team
I'ma be better than Cat, yeah better than 'Preme
I'ma be the last man standin, you know what I mean?

Chorus: 50 Cent
South...siiiiiiide (Look at this nigga son!!)
South...siiiiiiide (This nigga Irv, got on a 'Preme Team shirt!)
South...siiiiiiide (And he from Hollis!!, HAHAHAHA!! cracks up)
South...siiiiiiide (Hollis niggas don't even like Southside niggas!)
South...siiiiiiide (Nigga, we all over the water!)
South...siiiiiiide (We don't mix!!! What the
fuck is the matter with you!!!!)

Verse 2: Tony Yayo
I'll shoot up your house I'll burn up your crib
And when the fireman come I'll shoot at them with the cig (Brrappp!!!!)
Ebony and Ivory the beam's on the llama
When it comes to the bricks I cook better then your mama
And that's your baby mama I see her with a lil' uzi
I'm in the piece she wipe me down like I'm Lil' Boosie (Wipe me down!)
I'ma lil' woozy, I'm higher than heaven
I got the haze mixed with AK-47
I need that Beckham money, I need that older money
So if you checkin for me, nigga show the money

Verse 3: 50 Cent
He mean that big money, not that lil' money
that's my nigga Yay, I know he'll kill for me

Chorus: 50 Cent
South...siiiiiiide (Niggas make me sick man!)
South...siiiiiiide (Sick to my stomach, man!)
South...siiiiiiide (Every time a nigga get out of line)
South...siiiiiiide (I put 'em RIGHT BACK in line, man..)
South...siiiiiiide (Niggas think Jimmy Iovine's my boss)
South...siiiiiiide (Nigga, FUCK Jimmy Iovine, nigga!)
South...siiiiiiide (I'm from a hundred thirty fourth street, nigga!)
South...siiiiiiide (I ain't GOT NO MOTHERFUCKIN BOSS...)

Verse 4: Lloyd Banks
We went from run down sneakers to runnin the state
I can't die (Nah!) I got too much money to make
You got plans, then you know where I'm comin from, my stomach numb
(Yeah) I got 99 Problems you want 'em son? (Hah?)
99 enemies, don't be the hundredth one
I'll become a corpse before I become a bum (Bum!)
Life's short, feels good under the summer sun
Down here, you got two options get a gun or run
My first car was a spaceship, no hoopty
Champ hoodie and boots, no Gucci
Yayo introduced me, Fifth scooped me
The floor couped me now you gotta shoot me

Outro: 50 Cent
I be's the boss of this shit right here! I
said the boss nigga you hear me!
The B-O-S-S-M-A-N!!!! And nigga what!!!!
Thought so! I'm the George Bush of this shit!!!
I'm not goin to war, but I'll send niggas to war
And I will sit here, and veto every motherfuckin act
that comes through here you know!?
I'm thinkin you know what I'm sayin!
We went from 50 Cent, to Fiddy, to Curtis, to Ferrari F50
Now I got a few aliases you know what I'm sayin
I'm thinkin next, I'll be Sam you know, Uncle Sam
I'm a tax everyone of these motherfuckers, that come through here!!!
Now the music, we need a little piece of that
Everything that comes through you understand what I'm sayin
it's The Unit!!!! Yeah!!!!

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