Turn over Featuring Oliva Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Turn over Featuring Oliva as performed by 50 Cent

(50 Cent talking)
(Oliva talking)
Yo 50
(50 Cent talking)
We about to sing so heres and Oliva go

Im in my house or maybe
in my crystle eyes
But one thing,I can't
take it anymore baby
No more For u but I will
still love U but
I have to go and leave u
here in ur pool

(50 Cent)
And Girl don't worry I
will be with U but
I wanted go out with the
G-Unit group and
My fans so just wait here
and I might be back
until 12:00 So please don't
worry about my life

I just turn over baby
I miss ur old life
Im not ready for ur new life yet
so please turn over for my crystle eyes
I just want ur old self so
we could have done for
couple months
So Turn Over Baby,Turn Over
(50 Cent)
So girl turn over for me
do anything front of me
U use to come with me
and my gang G-Unit
So girl turn over,Turn Over
So girl please Turn Over
Turn Over

(50 Cent)
Girl u always come with me to the Bar
But look at u,if u always come with me
U will still be my sweetheart
Yeah my sweetheart
Ur life always change
without telling me
U know that I always wanna know
before u all of this
But u promise u will tell
me that u gonna chage ur
(repeat Chorus 2 times)

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