Whoo Kid Freestyle Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Whoo Kid Freestyle as performed together by 50 Cent&G-Unit uncredited

Lyrics to song Whoo Kid Freestyle by 50 Cent feat. G-Unit uncredited

50 Cent
Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin?
I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you
know how I put it down nigga
It's not safe around here as
soon as the street lights
G-Unit nigga

random shout outs

50 cent and G-Unit
We can't get Money selling weed...WE GON SELL COKE
Ain't no money sellin' coke... WE GON SELL DOPE
Ain't no money sellin' dope... WE GON SELL X
And if niggaz wont by the X... WE GON SELL TECS

Lloyd Banks
My advice for y'all niggaz is stop frontin
'Cause 50 say pop somethin', I'm gon
pop somethin', what up?

50 Cent
Don't make me send a nigga to you, 16 shot ruger
Send twelve shots to you, run four in the clip
Get in the whip, it's a wrap

Lloyd Banks
Nah fuck that

50 Cent
Man, you done hit the nigga twice
in the head, that's that
Niggaz running with the steel out,
now it's time to peel out

Lloyd Banks
50 let me drive

50 Cent
Nah I got this, nigga chill out

Lloyd Banks
Nah I ain't scared a niggas,
I ain't scared a gettin' whacked

50 Cent
I'm just scared of the corner store cause
it's full of them A-rabs
They blowin' the shit up like it's okay
I got a bomb on my waist I'm Kamikaze laughing
I dare Ds to get next to me

Lloyd Banks
Or a nigga to creep up and put a
tec to me explosion
Yeah, yeah that's it, it's a freestyle
The fuck you want for free?
Fucking A-rabs just ran the planes
into the fucking building
Coke price went up 10 grand this fucking week