A to Z Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song A to Z as performed by Abc

Lyrics to song A to Z by Abc

Ladies and gentlemen, it's my proud privilege to present:

My name is Martin Fry, F-R-Y
Who needs the moon, when we got the stars?

(A-B-C, A-B-C)

Mark White (That's right)
Mark White
Mark White (That's right)
Mark White (Right, right)

(A-B-C, A-B-C)

Hi, I'm Eden
I want you to kiss my snatch

(A-B-C, A-B-C)

Howdy disco citizens
I'm David Yarritu
I may be tiny (tiny), but I'm strong

(A-B-C, A-B-C)


(That's all)


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