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These are the lyrics to song Show me as performed by Abc

Lyrics to song Show me by Abc

Once I needed your love
But that was just one
thing left on my mind
Then I needed to feel you near me
You said:"Don't
have the time."

The cowboys at the rodeo
The rhine-stones on that Romeo
Your theme tune on the radio
Souvenirs that only go to

_ chorus:

Show me, show me
Show me that your mine
Show me, show me
Give me just one sign
Show me, show me
Second that emotion
Show me, show me love

Since we're skimming the surface darling
Now's time to get in deep
You've opened up the envelope
But there's still one secret you keep

A pirate station or the late night show
A sunken ship with a rich cargo
Buried treasure that the four winds blow
Wind and rain it only goes to

_ chorus

Some things are hidden
Some things you'll see
Make me know
Signal to me

Nine out of ten, in every case
She might look pretty but
there's make up on her face

Show me, show me love
And you can be free
And you could be free. Free. Free.

Where are the diamonds?
Where are the pearls?
Where are the things that you
took from this world?

These are the ribbons
These are the curls
These are the things that you
took from this world


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