Skyscraping Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Skyscraping as performed by Abc

Lyrics to song Skyscraping by Abc

It's four o'clock
And the bells are ringing
The sun is in the sky
I hear the song
That the breeze is bringing
I smile and close my eyes

Slowly drifting
Deeper and deeper inside
I hear your voice
Whispering softly
We're leaving the world outside

  • Just hold my hand
    And we'll go skyscraping
    So high you and I
    If your mama asks you
    Say we're just escaping
    We're gonna be sky high

Time flies
But I don't know
where it's going
You vanish in the haze
Sometimes I wish that life
Could be everlasting
These are our Polaroid days

Slowly melting
The sun slips from the sky
I see your face
But it's fading quickly
We're leaving the world behind

(* repeat 3 times)

We're gonna be sky high
You and me, so high
It's gonna be all right


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