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Krakenlyrics is a website giving you lyrics to any songs for free. Our database consist of more than two million lyrics from almost fify thousand different artists. We work together with a lyrics licensing agency, Lyricfind to aquire lyrics and to pay royalty to copyright owners.

Many of our lyrics are submitted by users of this site. They sign up for an account on Skipper where they organize their lyrics content.

We have a pretty awesome lyrics search engine. It actually searches three different places for you. One database of lyrics (song texts) where the result is a lyrics page, for example: Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra. Another database is with artist names, where the results are artist archives, for example Elvis Presley or BeyoncΓ© Knowles or Adele

In addition to the lyrics search engine we have a unique artists archive. It lets you browse to find any artist or band. The best way to learn how it works is to use it.

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The Mp3Lyrics transition

KrakenLyrics used to be mp3lyrics.org before it became mp3lyrics.com before it became KrakenLyrics.com

During a comprehensive job of switching the codebase, redisigning and re-inventing the behavior of mp3lyrics we also renamed it to KrakenLyrics. The main reason for this was that the mp3 part of mp3lyrics was confusing. This site is only about the lyrics to songs, not about music.

You can read more about this history on the FAQ


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