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This site uses Google Analytics to track and learn about user behavior. Your can opt out of this service on https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout and read more about it on https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/


Kraken doesn't like cookies. So it doesn't use them. Not even when you log in. If you are of the opinion that web cookies are unwanted... or perhaps dangerous, then there's no need to worry.

When you sign up our partners at auth0 may set or read cookies in your browser. But when you are logged in to my.krakenlyrics.com we don't use cookies to store your session. We use a different, cookie-less, method called json web tokens or JWT.

However, if you are logged in to my.krakenlyrics.com a cookie is used to show you your login-status. The bottom left icon in the footer of all pages on www.krakenlyrics.com will show you a Rocket instead of the Drums, when you are logged in. To know this, a cookie is used.

The open site www.krakenlyrics.com has advertisement from third parties. They may use / set / read cookies on your browser when you visit www.krakenlyrics.com and other sites.

Even though the Kraken can be terrifying on its own, it still needs protection from the dangers of the internet. Some of this protection is being executed through a network partnership with Cloudflare. They may set or read cookies with users of Kraken in their effort of filtering out bad behavior.

Javascript and CSS

Kraken really likes Javascript. It can be used with javascript disabled, but it won't be as enjoyable. my.krakenlyrics.com will not work at all without Javascript.

Javascript is used to enhance your experience exploring unleashed lyrics.

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS is a technology Kraken use to style the pages you see. CSS is not used to gather any private information about you.

Public site

www.krakenlyrics.com is a website where you can view pages anonymously. The content of the site is lyrics related. We don't save your IP address, location or any personal information.

For each request you make to our server, we save your user-agent. It includes information about your

  • Operating system
  • Device type and platform (such as mobile or desktop)
  • Browser type (firefox / chrome / safari / opera / edge / etc)

This information is only stored for one week before it is deleted. Such information is viewed in aggregated form. It means that we only look at summaries of visitors of certain brower types.

Private site

my.krakenlyrics.com is the private version of www.krakenlyrics.com. To use it you have to sign up. When you do, we create a unique random user id for you. This is stored in our database and it represents you.

Once signed up / logged in you can disclose personal or non-personal information about yourself. This includes

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your name
  • A chosen uername
  • Various social media destinations. For example your Twitter url, Facebook page or LinkedIn page

Deleting data

The information you store in our database on my.krakenlyrics.com will not be shared with anyone. You can change it and delete it at any time. All data you submit / save / store on my.krakenlyrics.com can be removed / deleted / changed by you whenever you want.

Any user profile you make on KrakenLyrics can be completely erased by you at any time. There will be no traces of a user profile left in our system when you delete it.

Lyrics you submit on my.krakenlyrics.com must be manually deleted if you no longer want them to exist on www.krakenlyrics.com. Let's say you delete your profile without first deleting the lyrics created with the deleted profile. In that case the lyrics will still be on www.krakenlyrics.com, even after you deleted your profile. On the other hand, it's very easy to delete lyrics and lyrics collections you have created on my.krakenlyrics.com

Username and userprofile

You can make a unique username on my.krakenlyrics.com. This username will be part of the url to your public profile on www.krakenlyrics.com. An example of this is


If you don't make your own username, a random one will be created for you. All content you create on KrakenLyrics will be linked to your public profile. So if you submit lyrics, the page displaying the lyrics will link back to your public profile on KrakenLyrics. You can also link your social media destinations or home page on your public profile.

When changing your username, you automatically also change the location / web address of your public profile. It is important to keep this in mind, because you can change your username whenever you want. It means that any references to your current public profile will see a "404 not found" page if you change your username. Also someone else may acuire your current username if you change it.

E-mail Address

Your email address is required if you want to use my.krakenlyrics.com. It's primary intent is to link your profile and activities on KrakenLyrics to you as a person.

Your email address wil not be visible to anybody, and it will not be displayed on your public profile or in relation to any content you manage on KrakenLyrics.

Your email address can help us recover your login access, should you forget your password. And you can change your email address after you sign up.

If you want to be notified by mail about content you create on my.krakenlyrics.com, your email address enables this. You can opt-in to be sent info and a link to changes to any content you manage.

Very soon we'll also enable you to follow changes to content maintained by others on KrakenLyrics. This way you can be notified of updates to a certain lyrics archive for example.

Terms of Service

User Agreement - EULA

KrakenLyrics.com is a service where anyone can sign up and post content. The operators of this site cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of any content found on www.krakenlyrics.com

You understand that by using our Services, you may be exposed to content that might be offensive, inaccurate or inappropriate. We cannot take responsibility for all content posted / published / found on www.krakenlyrics.com

We reserve the right to remove content that violates our EULA (this document), or for any or no reason at all.

You agree that content you submit on KrakenLyrics may be viewed by others.

You agree that we may use content submitted and behaviour observed to improve our services.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate users, and reclaim usernames without giving a reason.

You agree that www.krakenlyrics.com may place advertising on, in, around, or otherwise in connection with the display of content submitted by you or others on my.krakenlyrics.com

We reserver the right to change the Terms & Conditions, our Copyright document and Privacy Policy at any time without notice and without having to explain why.

The public site

www.krakenlyrics.com is a service offering to display the lyrics of songs. They may be viewed for free, at any place, and by anyone.

The lyrics you find on www.krakenlyrics.com have been retrieved either through our partnership program with LyricFind. Or they have been submitted on my.krakenlyrics.com by a registered user on KrakenLyrikcs. In either case, KrakenLyrics is licensed to display all song-lyrics.

The lyrics you see on www.krakenlyrics.com may be copyrighted content. Intellectual property (IP) such as lyrics on KrakenLyrics is owned by a copyright holder. You should not redistribute such content found on KrakenLyrics. Neither by printing nor copying it digitally. You are allowed to read, learn, view, and generally enjoy the lyrics while viewing them on this site.

Through our royalty paying partnership program with LyricFind the correct copyright holders are compensated for IP viewed on KrakenLyrics

The private site

my.krakenlyrics.com is a place where anyone can register to manage lyrics content. You can submit lyrics and create and organize lyrics collections. You can also create groups for cooperating on managing lyrics content.

People who want to use the services on my.krakenlyrics.com are required to link a private profile to their account on KrakenLyrics. This is to avoid missuse of our service, and to identify you for saving and continuing your work in other devices / places or at another time.

If you are having privacy concerns regarding private content retrieved or submitted on my.krakenlyrics.com you should have a look at our privacy policy.

You are responsible for your use of this service. You are responsible for making sure that content you provide is in compliance with applicable laws.

You should only provide Content that you are comfortable sharing with others.

The Mp3Lyrics transition

KrakenLyrics used to be mp3lyrics.org before it became mp3lyrics.com before it became KrakenLyrics.com

During a comprehensive job of switching the codebase, redisigning and re-inventing the behavior of mp3lyrics we also renamed it to KrakenLyrics. The main reason for this was that the mp3 part of mp3lyrics was confusion people. This site is only about the lyrics to songs, not about the sound.

Lyrics profanity

Some lyrics contain profane language. Some lyrics contain very profane language. And some lyrics contain extreme profanity. This is just the nature of some of the songs in the world. KrakenLyrics doesn't have an opinion about the content or interpretation of the meaning of the lyrics on the site.

In cases of certain types of lyrics profanity (and other) complaints, we can require the lyrics in question to be flagged as hidden from the public. This means that they will not be displayed on the open and free site. And they will not be indexed by search engines. The flagged lyrics will still exist, and they can even exist on KrakenLyrics. But can only be viewed by logged in users of the site.


Kraken loves feedback & suggestions

If you want to get in touch with the operators of KrakenLyrics.com you can do so on https://my.krakenlyrics.com — You have to sign up and use the contact form in your profile settings.