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Submitting lyrics

On Skipper you can add lyrics. Lyrics are submittable by anyone. And you can submit any lyrics you like. But you have to sign up and create a profile before doing so. The profile you make can be linked to an email address or a social media account you own. For example

  • Facebook
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The content you submit and create on Krakenlyrics will be linked to your profile.

You can submit lyrics that are copyrighted by someone other than yourself. We will identify the copyright holders through our licensing partnership with Lyricfind. You can not be compenstaed for submitting intellectual property owned by others.

The public site is a service offering to display the lyrics of songs. They may be viewed for free, at any place, and by anyone.

The lyrics you find on have been retrieved either through our partnership program with LyricFind. Or they have been submitted on Skipper by a registered user on KrakenLyrics. In either case, KrakenLyrics is licensed to display all song-lyrics.

The lyrics you see on may be copyrighted content. Intellectual property (IP) such as lyrics on KrakenLyrics is owned by a copyright holder. You should not redistribute such content found on KrakenLyrics. Neither by printing nor copying it digitally. You are allowed to read, learn, view, and generally enjoy the lyrics while viewing them on this site.

Through our royalty paying partnership program with LyricFind the correct copyright holders are compensated for IP viewed on KrakenLyrics

The private site

Skipper is a place where anyone can register to manage lyrics content. You can submit lyrics and create and organize lyrics collections. You can also create groups for cooperating on managing lyrics content.

People who want to use the services on Skipper are required to link a private profile to their account on KrakenLyrics. This is to avoid missuse of our service, and to identify you for saving and continuing your work in other devices / places or at another time.

If you are having privacy concerns regarding private content retrieved or submitted on Skipper you should have a look at our privacy policy.

You are responsible for your use of this service. You are responsible for making sure that content you provide is in compliance with applicable laws.

You should only provide Content that you are comfortable sharing with others.

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Notice and Takedown Procedure

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