Pollyanna Flower Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Pollyanna Flower as performed by Alanis Morissette

Lyrics to song Pollyanna Flower by Alanis Morissette

(Through you, I see, I...)
Between a broken nose and a fake smile
Between piety and gunpowder
Between fighting and fleeing the scene
Between murder and diplomacy
Between regression and in oblivion
Between brutal and realistically well behaved
Between sleeping and pulling in the reins
Between tiptoeing and ambling

What am I to do with all this fire?
(I'd like to hit you, but I could never hit you.)
Would you stay with me in this red space?
(I'd like to slap you, but I could never slap you.)

Chorus (2X):
Between violence and silently seething
Between my fist and my pollyanna flower
Between "Fuck you!"
to your face and "It's all
Between war and denial.

Between flying vases and secretly weeping
Between loose cannons and ever downplaying
Between bruises and nobly deferring
Between bursting and boiling

What am I to do with all this burning?
(I'd like to hurt you, but I could never hurt you.)
Do I overwhelm you in this place?
(I'd like to kill you, but I could never kill you.)

Chorus (2X)

What am I to do with all this fire?
Can you understand me in this place?


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