Sister Blister Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Sister Blister as performed by Alanis Morissette

Lyrics to song Sister Blister by Alanis Morissette

You and me we're cut from the same cloth
It seems to some we famously get along
But you and me are stangers to each other
'Cuz you and me: competitive to the bone

Such tragedy to trample on each other
with how much we've endured with the
state this country is in

You and me feel joined only by gender
We are not all for one and one for all

Sister blister we fight to please the brothers
We think their acceptance is how we win
They're happy we're climbing on each other
To beg the club boys to let us in

You and me estranged from the mother
You and me have felt impotent in our skin
You and me have taken it out on each other
You and me disloyal to the feminine

Such a pity to disavow each other with
how far we've come with how strong
we've been

You and me along this pendulum together
You and me with scarcity still feuling


We may not have priorities same
We may not even like each other
We may not be hugely anti-men
But such a cost to dishonor a sister

You and me have made it harder for the other
We forget how hard separatism has been
You and me we can help change their minds together
You and me in alignment until the end



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