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Lyrics in Album Where Have You Gone (2021)

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Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Where Have You GoneAlan Jackson
  2. 2Wishful Drinkin'Alan Jackson
  3. 3I Can Be That SomethingAlan Jackson
  4. 4Where The Cottonwood GrowsAlan Jackson
  5. 5Way Down In My WhiskeyAlan Jackson
  6. 6Things That MatterAlan Jackson
  7. 7Livin' On EmptyAlan Jackson
  8. 8You'll Always Be My BabyAlan Jackson
  9. 9Where Her Heart Has Always BeenAlan Jackson
  10. 10The BootAlan Jackson
  11. 11BackAlan Jackson
  12. 12Write It In RedAlan Jackson
  13. 13So Late So SoonAlan Jackson
  14. 14This Heart Of MineAlan Jackson
  15. 15A Man Who Never CriesAlan Jackson
  16. 16ChainAlan Jackson
  17. 17I Was TequilaAlan Jackson
  18. 18I Do (Written For Daughters' Weddings)Alan Jackson
  19. 19That's The Way Love GoesAlan Jackson
  20. 20Beer:10Alan Jackson
  21. 21The Older I GetAlan Jackson


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