Adriatic to Black Sea Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Adriatic to Black Sea as performed by Appleseed Cast

Lyrics to song Adriatic to Black Sea by Appleseed Cast

You can't believe
All the work to define
You're in a carpet scene
So wait on me your
Life is so akin to rain
Life so far out of time
Never lift the oldest dream
Place it cleanly on this sun

I see you laughing around
I see you laughing in the crowd
I saw a victim when
I see poor Penny Sue
I don't miss you but
I'll be around in the fall
I see you laugh all around
You see its coming true
I know a question but
I see you turning black
I see you question
I said you'll throw it or ask
I saw it erupting there
I'll be your caress inhale
I try to question but
I think you started something


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