Great Lake Derelict Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Great Lake Derelict as performed by Appleseed Cast

Lyrics to song Great Lake Derelict by Appleseed Cast

Searching for gold
The only girl
Is shooting for gold
I even sound calming

I keep this all close
The feathers are working
The keepers are worried
The creeper's outnumbered

The lovers have won
The river is flowing
But now the stone breaks
And now I fly, and you will see me off

And now the scene has gone
Last year's still young
I sleep for days
Up to three o'clock, and let me take this route

And now I'm facing up
And now I face the night
And I've been doing it so long
I can feel it pass, and you would see this point

And all the faces outside
And all the faces I know
And I'm shooting for gold
I will leave this life, and you will see me off


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