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84 song lyrics by Arctic Monkeys

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 1505Arctic Monkeys
  2. 27Arctic Monkeys
  3. 3A Certain RomanceArctic Monkeys
  4. 4All My Own StuntsArctic Monkeys
  5. 5ArabellaArctic Monkeys
  6. 6Baby i'm YoursArctic Monkeys
  7. 7BalaclavaArctic Monkeys
  8. 8Bigger Boys and Stolen SweetheartsArctic Monkeys
  9. 9Black TreacleArctic Monkeys
  10. 10BrianstormArctic Monkeys
  11. 11Brick By BrickArctic Monkeys
  12. 12Choo ChooArctic Monkeys
  13. 13Cigarette SmokeArctic Monkeys
  14. 14Cigarette Smoker FionaArctic Monkeys
  15. 15CornerstoneArctic Monkeys
  16. 16Crying LightningArctic Monkeys
  17. 17Curtains CloseArctic Monkeys
  18. 18D is for DangerousArctic Monkeys
  19. 19Dance Little LiarArctic Monkeys
  20. 20Dancing ShoesArctic Monkeys
  21. 21Dangerous AnimalsArctic Monkeys
  22. 22Despair in the Departure LoungeArctic Monkeys
  23. 23Do I Wanna Know?Arctic Monkeys
  24. 24Do me a FavourArctic Monkeys
  25. 25Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your ChairArctic Monkeys
  26. 26Fake Tales of San FranciscoArctic Monkeys
  27. 27Fire and the ThudArctic Monkeys
  28. 28FiresideArctic Monkeys
  29. 29Fluorescent AdolescentArctic Monkeys
  30. 30From the Ritz to the RubbleArctic Monkeys
  31. 31I Bet You Look Good on the DancefloorArctic Monkeys
  32. 32I Wanna Be YoursArctic Monkeys
  33. 33I Want It AllArctic Monkeys
  34. 34If you Were There, BewareArctic Monkeys
  35. 35Knee SocksArctic Monkeys
  36. 36Knock a Door RunArctic Monkeys
  37. 37Leave Before the Lights Come onArctic Monkeys
  38. 38Library PicturesArctic Monkeys
  39. 39Love Is A LaserquestArctic Monkeys
  40. 40Love MachineArctic Monkeys
  41. 41Mad SoundsArctic Monkeys
  42. 42Mardy bumArctic Monkeys
  43. 43My PropellerArctic Monkeys
  44. 44No BusesArctic Monkeys
  45. 45No.1 Party AnthemArctic Monkeys
  46. 46Old Yellow BricksArctic Monkeys
  47. 47On the run from the mi5Arctic Monkeys
  48. 48One for the RoadArctic Monkeys
  49. 49Only Ones who KnowArctic Monkeys
  50. 50Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But...Arctic Monkeys
  51. 51Piledriver WaltzArctic Monkeys
  52. 52Plastic TrampArctic Monkeys
  53. 53Potion ApproachingArctic Monkeys
  54. 54Pretty VisitorsArctic Monkeys
  55. 55Put Your Dukes Up, JohnArctic Monkeys
  56. 56R U Mine?Arctic Monkeys
  57. 57Reckless SerenadeArctic Monkeys
  58. 58Red Light Indicates Doors are SecuredArctic Monkeys
  59. 59Riot vanArctic Monkeys
  60. 60SandtrapArctic Monkeys
  61. 61Secret DoorArctic Monkeys
  62. 62Settle for a DrawArctic Monkeys
  63. 63She's ThunderstormsArctic Monkeys
  64. 64Snap Out of ItArctic Monkeys
  65. 65Space InvadersArctic Monkeys
  66. 66Stickin' to the FloorArctic Monkeys
  67. 67Still Take you HomeArctic Monkeys
  68. 68Suck it and SeeArctic Monkeys
  69. 69Teddy PickerArctic Monkeys
  70. 70Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty FriendArctic Monkeys
  71. 71That's Where You're WrongArctic Monkeys
  72. 72The Bad ThingArctic Monkeys
  73. 73The BakeryArctic Monkeys
  74. 74The Hellcat Spangled ShalalalaArctic Monkeys
  75. 75The Jeweller's HandArctic Monkeys
  76. 76The View From the AfternoonArctic Monkeys
  77. 77This House is a CircusArctic Monkeys
  78. 78Too Much to AskArctic Monkeys
  79. 79Wavin' Bye to the Train or BusArctic Monkeys
  80. 80What if You Were Right the First Time?Arctic Monkeys
  81. 81When the Sun Goes DownArctic Monkeys
  82. 82Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?Arctic Monkeys
  83. 83Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?Arctic Monkeys
  84. 84You Probably Couldn't See for the Lights But You Were Staring Straight at meArctic Monkeys

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