Thyroid Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Thyroid as performed by User

Lyrics to song Thyroid by User

Everything I see
So fragile and clean
Or twisted please feed
Me some venom
Been hanging around,
slowly I dive in alive.
Hurry up inject me
with more venom

Can’t go back here
Time for dreaming
Can’t go back here
Black hole has sucked me in
Can’t go back in
Time for dreaming
I Can’t go back
New millennium.

I was caught in a reflection
There was just no connection
Now I tremble all over
So many ghosts to uncover.
I was caught in a reflection
I just cant keep up with
Your destruction.


I feel my eyeballs getting wider
My ears are growin hotter
My thyroid’s getting larger
My brain is getting smaller


My future has no focus
My thyroid’s getting swollen
My dream grow weaker
The beauty so tragic
My dream has grown weaker
The beauty is so tragic
My vision has no future
My dreams are growing smaller.

Lalalala laaaaaaaaaa

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