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Lyrics in Album Testing (2018)

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Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Gunz N ButterA$AP Rocky ft. Juicy J
  2. 2Brotha ManA$AP Rocky ft. Snoop Dogg & Frank Ocean & French Montana
  3. 3OG BeeperA$AP Rocky
  4. 4Kids Turned Out FineA$AP Rocky
  5. 5Black Tux, White CollarA$AP Rocky
  6. 6ChangesA$AP Rocky
  7. 7Hun43rdA$AP Rocky ft. Devonté Hynes
  8. 8PurityA$AP Rocky ft. Frank Ocean
  9. 9Buck ShotsA$AP Rocky ft. Playboi Carti & Smooky MarGielaa
  10. 10CalldropsA$AP Rocky ft. Kodak Black
  11. 11Praise The Lord (Da Shine)A$AP Rocky ft. Skepta
  12. 12Fukk SleepA$AP Rocky ft. FKA Twigs
  13. 13Tony ToneA$AP Rocky ft. Puff Daddy
  14. 14A$AP ForeverA$AP Rocky ft. T.I. & Moby & Kid Cudi
  15. 15Distorted RecordsA$AP Rocky


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