Been Around The World Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Been Around The World as performed by A$AP Rocky

Lyrics to song Been Around The World by A$AP Rocky

Don't cry dry your eyes call me a jerk
Not cause the size of my jeans but how I hurt ya
I know this relationship is never gonna work
But I plant thoughts in your head that only do ya dirt
And I said this once before we make the perfect team
We barely get along forever makin scenes
Your cryin on my sleeve what does it really mean
It doesn't really matter to me

Cause I go I go all around the world
Fuck different girls, cause when they see ya boy they scream
And as sad as it seems it doesn't really matter to me
Cause I know I know there's the perfect girl
Who I can share my soul with but I can only see in my dreams
And as sad as it seems it doesn't really matter to me

Verse 1:
Now you can cry me a river or cry me a ocean
Maybe the Pacific that's just to be specific
I gotta keep it pimpin these hoes they say I'm trippin
I don't care about your nails your new hair-do your lipstick
Dip dip next ho they be on my dick like
All on my testicles I can't even piss right
After we fuck you won't see me again after this night
Real niggas know what I mean



Verse 2:
Now you can go go where you want front who the one gotta get that vibe
Girl I hit that quit that hotter hit that niggas know how I keep it live
Live try dis suprised but she just say I'm on her eyes
Whenever get it in that prada or ?
Now I be the man peter man I fly high cause you like my drift
She know how I do it cause I got pizzaz and I'm so swift
Get her girlfriend in this whirlwind how we spin
It don't really matter cause I'm pimpin bitchin till the end



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