Calldrops Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Calldrops as performed together by A$AP Rocky&Kodak Black

Lyrics to song Calldrops by A$AP Rocky feat. Kodak Black

("Money and the power, money and the power")

(Yeah) Eyedrops ("Fuckin' with the killas")
Droptops ("Fuckin' with the killas")
Ice blocks (beat drop, I drop)

I was thinking to myself (Calldrops)
Maybe I should seek some help
Maybe I should blame myself
My mistake in stealth is going away
("Gone and spent the money")
It's going away, it's going away

Eye drops
Ice blocks

You used to be so soft
"This is a prepaid collect call from"
("Fuckin' with the killas")
You were for (teardrops)
"An inmate at Florida Correctional Institution
This call is subject to recording and monitoring"

Uh-huh, yeah I'm ready, got you on speaker
(All the pain I went through
Turned to a singer
I put it all on my tattoos
'Cause of where I came from
If I ain't ever learned before
"This call is subject to recording and monitoring"
Then this will be painful
Sleeping in institutions, I lost my baby
If that ain't ever woke me up, then it's gone wake me
But I'm keeping a light up on my fire, then they took my baby
I man on kind, is doing his time, but it's for no reason
I mean the kind, that ride the pipe, something you free—something you free—something you free)

(This call has dropped, to add more credits, please press 1)
(Free Kodak)


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