Get High Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Get High as performed together by A$AP Rocky&DEEFERG

Lyrics to song Get High by A$AP Rocky feat. DEEFERG

Intro: A$AP Rocky
Aye lady, got something for you to buy now
Something cool, something new
Something for you to try now
I know you feel alone but I'm gonna get you high now
Now that you high, take your clothes off, and lie down

We get high
She said, we smoking reefer
Got her open now she hoping we get high
She said, we smoking reefer
I got her sipping now she tripping

Verse 1: A$AP Ferg
Come, listen, yeah I can be your E-pill
Better yet your He-pill
When it come to tricking D-pills
She say that my pipe is crack and you know I'm gonna get very ill
So I just penetrate and hit her with my needle
She need ill, to stay alive
Keep my crack in between her thighs
When she smoke she feel her high, delicate enough to make her cry
(I think she need new lungs, cause my bitch she get)


I can be your pusher, know you need your pusher
Get it how live it when you know you need the hook up
I can get it cook up, know I got you shook up

Verse 2: A$AP Rocky
I'm yo pusher, but I don't be on no corners
Put me in your nose, inhale my aroma
Shit so potent, shit stronger than ammonia
O.D. and fuck around and slip into a coma



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