Pussy, Money, Weed Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Pussy, Money, Weed as performed by A$AP Rocky

Lyrics to song Pussy, Money, Weed by A$AP Rocky

Uh, yeah, uh, yeah
Uh, yeah, uh

Asap Rocky - Verse 1
All I think about is life, nights, sippin on Sprite
Little codeine, nigga get dough right
Two blonde dikes wanna kiss all night
I just pray to God that the shit go right
Little ugness in the fist, dont fight
Fuck a dog hoe and the bitch gon bite
A$AP nigga, sip Cris all night
So them R Kelly hoes gettin pissed on twice
Damn, how a young nigga get so nice
Young nigga cold like he sittin on ice
Fuck broke, tryin to be rich all life
I couldve been a criminal and just rolled dice
My nuts hangin, my top back
Hoes screamin that pop back
Grown west side, bandana side
A$AP life, gotta pop tags
Harlem world my whole block strapped
Hoes all in my jock strap
My whip white but my top black
And my bitch white, but my cock black
Purple drink, got that
Tell these hoes all to twerk somethin
Bounce on me, bitch, hurt somethin
Tell her pop that pussy like its worth somethin
So shawty, she a stunna and daddy, he a runna
Be that pretty mothafucka, you could call me what you wanna
Cause Im in love with that ass, she in love with the cash
So she shakin it fast and then makin the stacks
And Im takin it back and Im takin her back
To the house just to bust in her mouth and Im kickin her out

I dont need you around
Take a ride to make
Oh no no no, oh no no no
So I say pussy, money, weed (Yeah)
Pussy, money, weed (Yea-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed (Yeah)
Thats all a nigga need (Yea-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed (Yeah)
Pussy, money, weed (Y-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed (Yeah)
Thats all a nigga need (Yeah, yeah, y-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed
Pussy, money, weed (Yea-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed
All a nigga need (Y-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed
Pussy, money, weed (Yea-yeah)
Pussy, money, weed
Thats all a nigga need

Verse 2
Smoking out, pouring up
Purple drink up in my cup
Bitches actin Hollywood
But in my hood they wanna fuck
Purple stuff, yellow tusk
Yellow stuff look like a bust
She look like the type to front
But most likely the type to fuck
Make a buck, catch a nut
This shit be that trill livin
Show you how the trill get it
Nigga, Pimp C gone, but he still livin
Cause Im still sippin and my grills glistenin
Got me gold grills, shinin and Im still tippin
Cause Im still pimpin, but it feel different
Cause its trill pimpin, nigga deal with it
Thats all a nigga need, thats all a nigga need
Got a bitch up on my shoulder, got another on my sleeve
I said these bitches know my steeze
WVs, weak in the knees
Got them bitches movin them keys
Rollin the weed, duckin them Gs
Got a bad bitch from Belize, another overseas
If she dont wear no weave, then her hair down to her knees
Got my wifeys smokin trees, my bad bitch on that E
But that pussy, money, weed, shit thats all a nigga need



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