Destiny Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Destiny as performed together by Bell Book&Candle

Lyrics to song Destiny by Bell Book feat. Candle

Is there any place tonight?
Will the sun come out and light the
Shadows creeping through this barren land
Nothing is familiar now
Looking back I see some how
The future holding our it's empty hands
But it must be destiny, destiny
Not left to chance
With a wave of a hand, in a
wasted land, we dance
But it must be destiny, destiny
For only we too
Will know what the meaning of love can do
No truth my soul can trust
Will sleep come rescue us
And I lay my head down on a bed of steel
Love will never be the same
To close to risk the pain
No touch of skin feels how it used to feel
But it must be destiny, destiny...
I'm gonna be the strength you need tonight
I'm gonna stand beside you
When you just can't to hold on
I'm not giving up on the plans we made
If there's a chance I believe we can find a way
I won't let you give up now
But it must be destiny, destiny...