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287 song lyrics with Billie Holiday alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.A Fine RomanceBillie Holiday
  2. 2.A Foggy DayBillie Holiday
  3. 3.A Sailboat in the MoonlightBillie Holiday
  4. 4.A Sunsetbonnet BlueBillie Holiday
  5. 5.Ain't Nobody's Business if I doBillie Holiday
  6. 6.All of meBillie Holiday
  7. 7.All or Nothing at AllBillie Holiday
  8. 8.All the wayBillie Holiday
  9. 9.AlwaysBillie Holiday
  10. 10.Am I BlueBillie Holiday
  11. 11.Any old TimeBillie Holiday
  12. 12.April in my HeartBillie Holiday
  13. 13.April in ParisBillie Holiday
  14. 14.As Time Goes byBillie Holiday
  15. 15.Autumn in new YorkBillie Holiday
  16. 16.Autumn in new YorkBillie Holiday
  17. 17.Baby get LostBillie Holiday
  18. 18.Baby, I Don't cry over youBillie Holiday
  19. 19.Baby, Won't you Please Come HomeBillie Holiday
  20. 20.Back in Your own BackyardBillie Holiday
  21. 21.Beyond the seaBillie Holiday
  22. 22.Big StuffBillie Holiday
  23. 23.Billie's BluesBillie Holiday
  24. 24.Blue MoonBillie Holiday
  25. 25.Blue Turning Grey over youBillie Holiday
  26. 26.Body And SoulBillie Holiday
  27. 27.Born to LoveBillie Holiday
  28. 28.But BeautifulBillie Holiday
  29. 29.But not for meBillie Holiday
  30. 30.Can't Help Lovin' dat manBillie Holiday
  31. 31.CarelesslyBillie Holiday
  32. 32.Cheek to CheekBillie Holiday
  33. 33.Come Rain or Come ShineBillie Holiday
  34. 34.Comes LoveBillie Holiday
  35. 35.Crazy he Calls meBillie Holiday
  36. 36.Darn That DreamBillie Holiday
  37. 37.Day in, Day OutBillie Holiday
  38. 38.Deep SongBillie Holiday
  39. 39.Did I RememberBillie Holiday
  40. 40.Do Nothin' Till you Hear from meBillie Holiday
  41. 41.Do you Know What it Means to Miss New OrleansBillie Holiday
  42. 42.Do Your DutyBillie Holiday
  43. 43.Don't ExplainBillie Holiday
  44. 44.Don't Worry 'Bout meBillie Holiday
  45. 45.Dream of LifeBillie Holiday
  46. 46.Easy LivingBillie Holiday
  47. 47.Easy to LoveBillie Holiday
  48. 48.Easy to RememberBillie Holiday
  49. 49.Eeny Meeny Miney moBillie Holiday
  50. 50.Embraceable youBillie Holiday
  51. 51.Everybody's LaughingBillie Holiday
  52. 52.Everything Happens for the BestBillie Holiday
  53. 53.Everything Happens to meBillie Holiday
  54. 54.Everything I Have is YoursBillie Holiday
  55. 55.Falling in Love AgainBillie Holiday
  56. 56.Farewell to StoryvilleBillie Holiday
  57. 57.Fine and MellowBillie Holiday
  58. 58.Foolin' MyselfBillie Holiday
  59. 59.For all we KnowBillie Holiday
  60. 60.For Heaven's SakeBillie Holiday
  61. 61.Forget if you canBillie Holiday
  62. 62.Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You?Billie Holiday
  63. 63.Georgia on my MindBillie Holiday
  64. 64.Getting Some fun out of LifeBillie Holiday
  65. 65.Ghost of a ChanceBillie Holiday
  66. 66.Ghost of YesterdayBillie Holiday
  67. 67.Gimmie a Pigfoot (and a Bottle of Beer)Billie Holiday
  68. 68.Girls Were Made to Take Care of BoysBillie Holiday
  69. 69.Glad to be UnhappyBillie Holiday
  70. 70.Gloomy SundayBillie Holiday
  71. 71.God Bless the ChildBillie Holiday
  72. 72.Gone with the WindBillie Holiday
  73. 73.Good Morning HeartacheBillie Holiday
  74. 74.Guess whoBillie Holiday
  75. 75.GuiltyBillie Holiday
  76. 76.Havin' Myself a TimeBillie Holiday
  77. 77.He Ain't got RhythmBillie Holiday
  78. 78.He's Funny That wayBillie Holiday
  79. 79.Hello, my DarlingBillie Holiday
  80. 80.Here it is Tomorrow AgainBillie Holiday
  81. 81.How am I to KnowBillie Holiday
  82. 82.How Could youBillie Holiday
  83. 83.How Deep is the OceanBillie Holiday
  84. 84.I Can't Believe That You're in Love With meBillie Holiday
  85. 85.I Can't get StartedBillie Holiday
  86. 86.I Can't PretendBillie Holiday
  87. 87.I Cover the WaterfrontBillie Holiday
  88. 88.I Cried for youBillie Holiday
  89. 89.I Didn't Know What Time it wasBillie Holiday
  90. 90.I Don't Know if i'm Coming or GoingBillie Holiday
  91. 91.I Don't Know if i'm Coming or GoingBillie Holiday
  92. 92.I Don't Want to Cry AnymoreBillie Holiday
  93. 93.I get a Kick out of youBillie Holiday
  94. 94.I get Along Without you Very WellBillie Holiday
  95. 95.I Got it Bad (and That Ain't Good)Billie Holiday
  96. 96.I Gotta Right to Sing the BluesBillie Holiday
  97. 97.I Hadn't Anyone Till youBillie Holiday
  98. 98.I Hear MusicBillie Holiday
  99. 99.I Love my man (Billie's Blues)Billie Holiday
  100. 100.I Must Have That manBillie Holiday
  101. 101.I Only Have Eyes for youBillie Holiday
  102. 102.I Thought About youBillie Holiday
  103. 103.I Wish I had youBillie Holiday
  104. 104.I Wished on the MoonBillie Holiday
  105. 105.I'll be AroundBillie Holiday
  106. 106.I'll be Seeing youBillie Holiday
  107. 107.I'll get byBillie Holiday
  108. 108.I'll Look AroundBillie Holiday
  109. 109.I'll Never be the SameBillie Holiday
  110. 110.I'll Never Fail youBillie Holiday
  111. 111.I'll Never Smile AgainBillie Holiday
  112. 112.I'm a Fool to Want YouBillie Holiday
  113. 113.I'm all for youBillie Holiday
  114. 114.I'm Gonna Lock my Heart and Throw Away the keyBillie Holiday
  115. 115.I'm in a low Down GrooveBillie Holiday
  116. 116.I'm Painting the Town redBillie Holiday
  117. 117.I'm Pulling ThroughBillie Holiday
  118. 118.I'm YoursBillie Holiday
  119. 119.I've got a Date with a DreamBillie Holiday
  120. 120.I've got my Love to Keep me WarmBillie Holiday
  121. 121.If Dreams Come TrueBillie Holiday
  122. 122.If I Didn't CareBillie Holiday
  123. 123.If I Were youBillie Holiday
  124. 124.If my Heart Could Only TalkBillie Holiday
  125. 125.If the Moon Turns GreenBillie Holiday
  126. 126.If You Were MineBillie Holiday
  127. 127.Ill WindBillie Holiday
  128. 128.Isn't This a Lovely Day?Billie Holiday
  129. 129.It had to be youBillie Holiday
  130. 130.It's a sin to Tell a lieBillie Holiday
  131. 131.It's Easy to Blame the WeatherBillie Holiday
  132. 132.It's Like Reaching for the MoonBillie Holiday
  133. 133.It's not for me to sayBillie Holiday
  134. 134.It's the Same Old StoryBillie Holiday
  135. 135.It's too hot for WordsBillie Holiday
  136. 136.Jeepers CreepersBillie Holiday
  137. 137.JimBillie Holiday
  138. 138.Just FriendsBillie Holiday
  139. 139.Just One More ChanceBillie Holiday
  140. 140.Just One of Those ThingsBillie Holiday
  141. 141.Keeps on Rainin'Billie Holiday
  142. 142.Lady Sings the BluesBillie Holiday
  143. 143.Laughing at LifeBillie Holiday
  144. 144.Left AloneBillie Holiday
  145. 145.Let's Call a Heart a HeartBillie Holiday
  146. 146.Let's Call the Whole Thing offBillie Holiday
  147. 147.Let's do itBillie Holiday
  148. 148.Let's Dream in the MoonlightBillie Holiday
  149. 149.Life Begins when You're in LoveBillie Holiday
  150. 150.Long Gone BluesBillie Holiday
  151. 151.Love for SaleBillie Holiday
  152. 152.Love me or Leave meBillie Holiday
  153. 153.Loveless LoveBillie Holiday
  154. 154.Lover Come Back to meBillie Holiday
  155. 155.Lover Man (Oh, Where can You be)Billie Holiday
  156. 156.Mandy is twoBillie Holiday
  157. 157.Me, Myself and I (Are all in Love with You)Billie Holiday
  158. 158.Mean to meBillie Holiday
  159. 159.Miss Brown to youBillie Holiday
  160. 160.Moanin' lowBillie Holiday
  161. 161.Mood IndigoBillie Holiday
  162. 162.MoonglowBillie Holiday
  163. 163.Moonlight in VermontBillie Holiday
  164. 164.More Than you KnowBillie Holiday
  165. 165.My First Impression of youBillie Holiday
  166. 166.My Last AffairBillie Holiday
  167. 167.My manBillie Holiday
  168. 168.My old FlameBillie Holiday
  169. 169.My Sweet Hunk O'trashBillie Holiday
  170. 170.Nice Work if You Can Get itBillie Holiday
  171. 171.Night and DayBillie Holiday
  172. 172.No Good manBillie Holiday
  173. 173.No MoreBillie Holiday
  174. 174.No RegretsBillie Holiday
  175. 175.NobodyBillie Holiday
  176. 176.Now or NeverBillie Holiday
  177. 177.Now They Call it SwingBillie Holiday
  178. 178.On the Sentimental SideBillie Holiday
  179. 179.On the Sunny Side of the StreetBillie Holiday
  180. 180.One for my Baby (and one More for the Road)Billie Holiday
  181. 181.One Never Knows, Does oneBillie Holiday
  182. 182.One, Two, Button Your ShoeBillie Holiday
  183. 183.Our Love is DifferentBillie Holiday
  184. 184.Our Love is Here to StayBillie Holiday
  185. 185.P.S. I Love youBillie Holiday
  186. 186.Pennies from HeavenBillie Holiday
  187. 187.Please Don't do it in HereBillie Holiday
  188. 188.Please Keep me in Your DreamsBillie Holiday
  189. 189.Please Tell me nowBillie Holiday
  190. 190.Please, Don't Talk About me when i'm GoneBillie Holiday
  191. 191.PorgyBillie Holiday
  192. 192.Practice Maker PerfectBillie Holiday
  193. 193.Preacher boyBillie Holiday
  194. 194.Prelude to a KissBillie Holiday
  195. 195.RememberBillie Holiday
  196. 196.Riffin' the ScotchBillie Holiday
  197. 197.Romance in the DarkBillie Holiday
  198. 198.Say it Isn't soBillie Holiday
  199. 199.Say it with a KissBillie Holiday
  200. 200.Says my HeartBillie Holiday
  201. 201.Sentimental & MelancholyBillie Holiday
  202. 202.SolitudeBillie Holiday
  203. 203.Some Other SpringBillie Holiday
  204. 204.Somebody's on my MindBillie Holiday
  205. 205.Sophisticated LadyBillie Holiday
  206. 206.Speak lowBillie Holiday
  207. 207.Spreadin' the Rhythm AroundBillie Holiday
  208. 208.St.Louis BluesBillie Holiday
  209. 209.Stars Fell on AlabamaBillie Holiday
  210. 210.Stormy BluesBillie Holiday
  211. 211.Stormy WeatherBillie Holiday
  212. 212.Strange FruitBillie Holiday
  213. 213.Sugar (That Sugar Baby o' Mine)Billie Holiday
  214. 214.SummertimeBillie Holiday
  215. 215.Sun ShowersBillie Holiday
  216. 216.Swing, Brother SwingBillie Holiday
  217. 217.Tell me More and More (and then Some)Billie Holiday
  218. 218.TenderlyBillie Holiday
  219. 219.That Ole Devil Called LoveBillie Holiday
  220. 220.That's all I ask of youBillie Holiday
  221. 221.That's Life I GuessBillie Holiday
  222. 222.The Blues are Brewin'Billie Holiday
  223. 223.The end of a Love AffairBillie Holiday
  224. 224.The man I LoveBillie Holiday
  225. 225.The Masquerade is overBillie Holiday
  226. 226.The Mood that I'm inBillie Holiday
  227. 227.The Moon Looks Down and LaughsBillie Holiday
  228. 228.The Very Thought of youBillie Holiday
  229. 229.The way you Look TonightBillie Holiday
  230. 230.Them There EyesBillie Holiday
  231. 231.There is no Greater LoveBillie Holiday
  232. 232.There'll be Some Changes MadeBillie Holiday
  233. 233.These 'n' That 'n' ThoseBillie Holiday
  234. 234.These Foolish ThingsBillie Holiday
  235. 235.They Can't Take That Away from meBillie Holiday
  236. 236.They sayBillie Holiday
  237. 237.Things are Looking upBillie Holiday
  238. 238.This is Heaven to meBillie Holiday
  239. 239.This Year's KissesBillie Holiday
  240. 240.Time on my HandsBillie Holiday
  241. 241.Too Marvelous for WordsBillie Holiday
  242. 242.Trav'lin' all AloneBillie Holiday
  243. 243.Trav'lin' LightBillie Holiday
  244. 244.Twenty-Four Hours a dayBillie Holiday
  245. 245.Under a Blue Jungle MoonBillie Holiday
  246. 246.Until the Real Thing Comes AlongBillie Holiday
  247. 247.Violets for Your FursBillie Holiday
  248. 248.We'll be Together AgainBillie Holiday
  249. 249.Weep no MoreBillie Holiday
  250. 250.What a Little Moonlight can doBillie Holiday
  251. 251.What a Night, What a Moon, What a GirlBillie Holiday
  252. 252.What is This Going to get usBillie Holiday
  253. 253.What is This Thing Called LoveBillie Holiday
  254. 254.What Shall I sayBillie Holiday
  255. 255.When a Woman Loves a manBillie Holiday
  256. 256.When It's Sleepy Time Down SouthBillie Holiday
  257. 257.When You're SmilingBillie Holiday
  258. 258.When Your Lover has GoneBillie Holiday
  259. 259.Where is the sunBillie Holiday
  260. 260.Wherever you areBillie Holiday
  261. 261.Who Loves youBillie Holiday
  262. 262.Who Wants LoveBillie Holiday
  263. 263.Why did I Always Depend on youBillie Holiday
  264. 264.Why Was I BornBillie Holiday
  265. 265.Willow Weep for meBillie Holiday
  266. 266.With Thee I SwingBillie Holiday
  267. 267.Without Your LoveBillie Holiday
  268. 268.Yankee Doodle Never Went to TownBillie Holiday
  269. 269.YesterdaysBillie Holiday
  270. 270.You Better go nowBillie Holiday
  271. 271.You Can't be Mine (and Someone Else's Too)Billie Holiday
  272. 272.You Can't Lose a Broken HeartBillie Holiday
  273. 273.You Don't Know What Love isBillie Holiday
  274. 274.You Don't Know What Love isBillie Holiday
  275. 275.You go to my HeadBillie Holiday
  276. 276.You let me DownBillie Holiday
  277. 277.You Showed me the wayBillie Holiday
  278. 278.You Took Advantage of meBillie Holiday
  279. 279.You're a Lucky guyBillie Holiday
  280. 280.You're Gonna see a lot of meBillie Holiday
  281. 281.You're Just a no AccountBillie Holiday
  282. 282.You're my ThrillBillie Holiday
  283. 283.You're so DesirableBillie Holiday
  284. 284.You're too Lovely to LastBillie Holiday
  285. 285.You've ChangedBillie Holiday
  286. 286.Your Mother's Son-In-LawBillie Holiday
  287. 287.Yours and MineBillie Holiday


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