Bob Rivers Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 51 song lyrics by artist Bob Rivers. 49 of these are songs where Bob Rivers perform alone, and 2 are songs where Bob Rivers perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Bob Rivers at the end of this lyrics archive.

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49 song lyrics with Bob Rivers alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.(Sellin' All) My Junk on EbayBob Rivers
  2. 2.1929Bob Rivers
  3. 3.401(K)Bob Rivers
  4. 4.50 Plates to Feed My BrotherBob Rivers
  5. 5.Another Dick in the MallBob Rivers
  6. 6.As Beers Go byBob Rivers
  7. 7.Barack's HouseBob Rivers
  8. 8.Beat-Up Old Jet LinerBob Rivers
  9. 9.BlackBerry's OKBob Rivers
  10. 10.Bought it UpBob Rivers
  11. 11.Bowel MovesBob Rivers
  12. 12.Burgers on the GrillBob Rivers
  13. 13.Cheeseburger with ParasitesBob Rivers
  14. 14.Cheney's Got a GunBob Rivers
  15. 15.Chimney SongBob Rivers
  16. 16.Cleanin' Out the FridgeBob Rivers
  17. 17.DoggystyleBob Rivers
  18. 18.Dr. JackBob Rivers
  19. 19.Drivers on the PhoneBob Rivers
  20. 20.Grandpa Loved the Rollin' StonesBob Rivers
  21. 21.Hello, I Love You (Let's Get Tested for AIDS)Bob Rivers
  22. 22.Hey There ChlamydiaBob Rivers
  23. 23.Honda AccordBob Rivers
  24. 24.I Heard it in the GraveyardBob Rivers
  25. 25.I'm Just a Singer in a Holiday InnBob Rivers
  26. 26.Inflatable WomanBob Rivers
  27. 27.Krispy KremeBob Rivers
  28. 28.Long Distance CompanyBob Rivers
  29. 29.Marv BitesBob Rivers
  30. 30.Media Killed the Royalty StarBob Rivers
  31. 31.Middle-Age WaistlineBob Rivers
  32. 32.Monster HashBob Rivers
  33. 33.O Come all ye Grateful DeadheadsBob Rivers
  34. 34.Obama Christ SuperstarBob Rivers
  35. 35.Restroom Door Said GentlemenBob Rivers
  36. 36.Spacestation OddityBob Rivers
  37. 37.SPEEA EmployeeBob Rivers
  38. 38.That's the Sound of the MenBob Rivers
  39. 39.The Dow is DownBob Rivers
  40. 40.The Most Caffeine You've Ever SeenBob Rivers
  41. 41.The Snoop Snoop Song (It's in His Piss)Bob Rivers
  42. 42.Ugly ManBob Rivers
  43. 43.Weight WatcherBob Rivers
  44. 44.West Seattle GirlsBob Rivers
  45. 45.What if God Smoked CannabisBob Rivers
  46. 46.White Ford BroncoBob Rivers
  47. 47.Who Blew That Smell?Bob Rivers
  48. 48.Who put the StumpBob Rivers
  49. 49.Wreck The MallsBob Rivers

2 song lyrics with Bob Rivers, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 50.Jingle BellsEminem, Bob Rivers
  2. 51.The Leader of IraqBob Rivers, Spike & the Impalers