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This lyrics archive contains a total of 41 song lyrics by artist Bob Sinclar. 22 of these are songs where Bob Sinclar perform alone, and 19 are songs where Bob Sinclar perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Bob Sinclar at the end of this lyrics archive. You can also add new Bob Sinclar Lyrics

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41 song lyrics by Bob Sinclar

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 1Amora, AmorBob Sinclar
  2. 2Around The WorldBob Sinclar ft. Gilbere Forte
  3. 3Everybody Dance NowBob Sinclar
  4. 4Everybody Movin'Bob Sinclar
  5. 5Far L'amoreBob Sinclar ft. Raffaella Carrà
  6. 6For YouBob Sinclar
  7. 7Fuck With YouBob Sinclar ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor
  8. 8Give a Lil' LoveBob Sinclar
  9. 9Give Me Some MoreBob Sinclar ft. DJ Roland Clark
  10. 10HardBob Sinclar
  11. 11I Feel For YouBob Sinclar
  12. 12I WannaBob Sinclar ft. Shaggy & Sahara
  13. 13In The Name Of LoveBob Sinclar
  14. 14Kiss My EyesBob Sinclar
  15. 15Lala SongBob Sinclar ft. The Sugarhill Gang & Hen Dogg & Master Gee & 1 more
  16. 16LifeBob Sinclar ft. Ben Onono
  17. 17Love GenerationBob Sinclar
  18. 18Love Generation (Ron Caroll Remix)Bob Sinclar
  19. 19Love You No MoreBob Sinclar ft. Shabba Ranks
  20. 20Magic FlyBob Sinclar
  21. 21Miss MeBob Sinclar
  22. 22New New New (Avicii Remix)Bob Sinclar
  23. 23People Of TomorrowBob Sinclar ft. Steve Edwards
  24. 24Put Your Hands UpBob Sinclar ft. Hot Rod
  25. 25Rainbow Of LoveBob Sinclar ft. Ben Onono
  26. 26Rock The BoatBob Sinclar ft. Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop & Pitbull
  27. 27Rock This PartyBob Sinclar ft. Cutee-B & Dollarman & Big Ali
  28. 28Sexy DancerBob Sinclar
  29. 29Shining From HeavenBob Sinclar
  30. 30Sing My SongBob Sinclar
  31. 31Sound Of FreedomBob Sinclar ft. Gary Pine & Dollarman
  32. 32TennesseeBob Sinclar
  33. 33The Beat Goes OnBob Sinclar
  34. 34The NetworkBob Sinclar ft. KC Flightt
  35. 35The Way I FeelBob Sinclar ft. Adam Joseph
  36. 36Tik TokBob Sinclar ft. Sean_Paul
  37. 37TogetherBob Sinclar
  38. 38W.W.W.Bob Sinclar
  39. 39What I WantBob Sinclar ft. Fireball
  40. 40Wild ThingBob Sinclar ft. Snoop Dogg
  41. 41World, Hold OnBob Sinclar

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