Outcry Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Outcry as performed by Born Blind

Lyrics to song Outcry by Born Blind

A tribute to the victims, who died a meaningless
death, to the parents who still suffer, over the
innocent blood shed. A young woman will never
trust anything or anyone. Because it was taken
from her as she looked down the barrel of a gun.
Outcry! To the dear old woman crippled pled by old
age, robbed of her savings and the guilty got
away. A man of different color targeted one day,
beaten bloody, teeth knocked out because he wasn't
the same. Outcry! You might think I'm wrong to
bring up such wretched subjects, but I can't
blanket my eyes and pretend it might go away. As a
society we must do something to stop all these
wretched things, because together we can stand up
and say we won't take it anymore.