Regenerate Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Regenerate as performed by Born Of Osiris

Lyrics to song Regenerate by Born Of Osiris

These are the things we're chasing
To reveal whats inside of you
These are the feet we're shaking
Soon they'll reveal
The inner powers too
In the element of truth
Try not to think so hard about it.
We've reached a new perspective
Your negative ambitions
Will dissolve in our presence
Try not to let this consume you
The pain will only thicken
Your tired thoughtless unused mind
Will have a new beginning
These are the things we're shaping
To introduce a set implications
Against your force of will
Closed eyes will never open
Closed minds there's no objections
Can you comprehend the misdirection
Its so easy to give in
When you're facing counteraction
Ask yourself if you are ready
To self regenerate
A simple gift is waiting
No remorse for the ones who don't accept
I know everyday gives us a reason to breathe
A chance to fulfill our destiny
I will not relive my own mistakes
Do you feel no remorse for the ones who don't accept
We're fortunate to live in this position
So why do you make it so complicated
To view a sense of recognition
You're stuck inside the womb of contradiction
We must make haste and breakaway from all this fucking madness
We wont have it
All this fucking madness
Lets end this now
How did we get so far away, separate from ourselves
We will redeem our promise
That we would return one day
Divided no return of self
Misguided now return yourself
This could be a fantasy standing on the line
Between solid or transparency what am I distinguishing now
Closed eyes will never open regenerate
Closed minds there's no objections regenerate.


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