Singularity Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Singularity as performed by Born Of Osiris

Lyrics to song Singularity by Born Of Osiris

Reveal this operation
Phase on is history
It was just imagination
Of unreal technologies
What we saw through fiction
Has become reality
It's a call on all life
To rebuild
It's a call on all life
To rejoice
A pattern placed before your eyes
Will we see the end
A description of your demise inevitable
We are the creators for this age
Don't you be afraid to find your truth
To find your way you'll find your way
Don't be afraid life is not a game its a conscience
Living constant are you awake or just afraid
Concealed by separation unwilling to be unified
Call it dehumanization but I'll put up a fight
What we saw through fiction
Has become reality
The future of man is a cycle
So follow the science we use as we are
Running blindly into violent lifeless surroundings
Can we finally right this
Or just slightly unbind ourselves
From the nightmare will you dare to fight
Or collapse and invite the destruction the future
Of man is a cycle
Will you dare to fight
We rebuild tonight.


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