Brian Mcfadden Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 40 song lyrics by Brian Mcfadden. 35 of these are songs where Brian Mcfadden perform alone, and 5 are songs where Brian Mcfadden perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Brian Mcfadden at the end of this lyrics archive.

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35 song lyrics with Brian Mcfadden alone

Song Name
  1. 1.Alice in Wonderland
  2. 2.Auf Weidersehen Bitch
  3. 3.Be True to Your Women
  4. 4.Chemical Rush
  5. 5.Demons
  6. 6.Everything But You
  7. 7.Forgive me Twice
  8. 8.Get Away
  9. 9.He's No Hero
  10. 10.Hollow No More
  11. 11.Irish Son
  12. 12.Jones
  13. 13.Kickin' Around The Love
  14. 14.Less Talk
  15. 15.Like Only a Woman Can
  16. 16.Lose Lose Situation
  17. 17.Love Transfusion
  18. 18.Mr. Alien
  19. 19.Now We Only Cry
  20. 20.Oblivious
  21. 21.Optimystik
  22. 22.Pull Myself Away
  23. 23.Real to me
  24. 24.Room to Breathe
  25. 25.Set in Stone
  26. 26.Sign Of The Times
  27. 27.Sorry Love Daddy
  28. 28.Take A Bite
  29. 29.Three Babies and a Man
  30. 30.Twisted
  31. 31.Uncomplicated
  32. 32.Walking Disaster
  33. 33.Walking Into Walls
  34. 34.When You Coming Home
  35. 35.Zoomer

5 song lyrics with Brian Mcfadden, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 36.Almost HereBrian Mcfadden, Delta Goodrem
  2. 37.Everybody's SomeoneLeann Rimes, Brian McFadden
  3. 38.Just Say SoBrian Mcfadden, Kevin Rudolf
  4. 39.MistakesBrian McFadden, Delta Goodrem
  5. 40.Not NowBrian Mcfadden, Christian Lo Russo