Far Away Friend Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Far Away Friend as performed by Chloe Moriondo

Lyrics to song Far Away Friend by Chloe Moriondo

I've got such little time for messin' around
And doin' all the things I wanna do
I'd be inclined to spend all my days
Goin' on adventures with you

And it doesn't feel worth it
Sittin' at a desk all day
And I know I've gotta earn it
But I would like to take you away

(One, two, three, four)

I'm rooted to home
But there are some places I can see myself in
Through the fields, we go
Travelin' through lands that neither of us have been

Picturing it makes me cry
And when I look outside the sky is gray
But for now, for now
Here is where I will stay
Here is where I will stay
Here is where I will stay


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