Chris Brown Lyrics

This lyrics archive contains a total of 337 song lyrics by artist Chris Brown. 162 of these are songs where Chris Brown perform alone, and 175 are songs where Chris Brown perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Chris Brown at the end of this lyrics archive.

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162 song lyrics with Chris Brown alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 12012Chris Brown
  2. 24 Years OldChris Brown
  3. 3AbcChris Brown
  4. 4Ain't No Way (You Won't Love me)Chris Brown
  5. 5All About UsChris Brown
  6. 6All About YouChris Brown
  7. 7All BackChris Brown
  8. 8Another YouChris Brown
  9. 9ApologyChris Brown
  10. 10AwolChris Brown
  11. 11Back 2 BackChris Brown
  12. 12Back OutChris Brown
  13. 13BasslineChris Brown
  14. 14Be With YouChris Brown
  15. 15Beg for itChris Brown
  16. 16BelieverChris Brown
  17. 17Big Booty JudyChris Brown
  18. 18Biggest FanChris Brown
  19. 19BoingChris Brown
  20. 20CalypsoChris Brown
  21. 21Changed ManChris Brown
  22. 22Chase Our LoveChris Brown
  23. 23Chasing Cars (Live in Toronto)Chris Brown
  24. 24ConvertibleChris Brown
  25. 25CountdownChris Brown
  26. 26CrawlChris Brown
  27. 27CrazyChris Brown
  28. 28Cry No MoreChris Brown
  29. 29DamageChris Brown
  30. 30Diagnosed With LoveChris Brown
  31. 31Don't Judge MeChris Brown
  32. 32Don't LieChris Brown
  33. 33Don't Wake Me UpChris Brown
  34. 34DownChris Brown
  35. 35DreamerChris Brown
  36. 36Electric GuitarChris Brown
  37. 37Excuse me MamaChris Brown
  38. 38Fallen AngelChris Brown
  39. 39Fallin' DownChris Brown
  40. 40Famous GirlChris Brown
  41. 41First 48Chris Brown
  42. 42First Day Of SpringChris Brown
  43. 43Flame ThrowerChris Brown
  44. 44Fools With YouChris Brown
  45. 45Fools With YouChris Brown
  46. 46For Ur LoveChris Brown
  47. 47ForeverChris Brown
  48. 48FrozeChris Brown
  49. 49Fuck The City UpChris Brown
  50. 50Gangsta BooChris Brown
  51. 51Get at YaChris Brown
  52. 52Gettin' MoneyChris Brown
  53. 53Gimme ThatChris Brown
  54. 54Glow in the DarkChris Brown
  55. 55Go AwayChris Brown
  56. 56Golden GirlChris Brown
  57. 57Gone Be my GirlChris Brown
  58. 58Gone Get itChris Brown
  59. 59Gotta Be Ur ManChris Brown
  60. 60GraffitiChris Brown
  61. 61Heart Ain't a BrainChris Brown
  62. 62Heart to HeartChris Brown
  63. 63Help meChris Brown
  64. 64How I FeelChris Brown
  65. 65How Low Can You GoChris Brown
  66. 66I Get AroundChris Brown
  67. 67I Love UChris Brown
  68. 68I may Never FindChris Brown
  69. 69I Need ThisChris Brown
  70. 70I Needed YouChris Brown
  71. 71I Wanna BeChris Brown
  72. 72I Wanna RockChris Brown
  73. 73I.Y.AChris Brown
  74. 74I'll Be Right HereChris Brown
  75. 75I'll Call YaChris Brown
  76. 76I'll GoChris Brown
  77. 77IntroChris Brown
  78. 78Invented HeadChris Brown
  79. 79Is This Love?Chris Brown
  80. 80Just FineChris Brown
  81. 81Keep it MovinChris Brown
  82. 82LastChris Brown
  83. 83Last Time TogetherChris Brown
  84. 84Last to KnowChris Brown
  85. 85Let's SmashChris Brown
  86. 86LotteryChris Brown
  87. 87Love MusicChris Brown
  88. 88Lucky MeChris Brown
  89. 89MamaChris Brown
  90. 90MatrixChris Brown
  91. 91MedusaChris Brown
  92. 92MiaChris Brown
  93. 93MovieChris Brown
  94. 94Not my FaultChris Brown
  95. 95NothinChris Brown
  96. 96Nothing But Love for YouChris Brown
  97. 97Now & LaterChris Brown
  98. 98Oh My LoveChris Brown
  99. 99Oh YeahChris Brown
  100. 100One More GinChris Brown
  101. 101One More TimeChris Brown
  102. 102Open RoadChris Brown
  103. 103Pass OutChris Brown
  104. 104Poppin'Chris Brown
  105. 105Put Your Hands in the AirChris Brown
  106. 106Real Hip Hop Shit #3Chris Brown
  107. 107Save meChris Brown
  108. 108Say AhhChris Brown
  109. 109Say GoodbyeChris Brown
  110. 110Say it With meChris Brown
  111. 111Second ServingChris Brown
  112. 112See ThroughChris Brown
  113. 113Seen Her NakedChris Brown
  114. 114SexChris Brown
  115. 115She Ain't YouChris Brown
  116. 116She Can Get ItChris Brown
  117. 117Should've Kissed YouChris Brown
  118. 118Sing Like meChris Brown
  119. 119SmashChris Brown
  120. 120So ColdChris Brown
  121. 121So GladChris Brown
  122. 122So Right it Ain't RightChris Brown
  123. 123Stuck On StupidChris Brown
  124. 124Sweet LoveChris Brown
  125. 125SweetheartChris Brown
  126. 126T.y.a.Chris Brown
  127. 127Take My TimeChris Brown
  128. 128Take You DownChris Brown
  129. 129Talk That ShitChris Brown
  130. 130Talk Ya Ear OffChris Brown
  131. 131Tell SomebodyChris Brown
  132. 132Thank YouChris Brown
  133. 133That Somebody (It Was Me)Chris Brown
  134. 134The Best YoChris Brown
  135. 135TherafluChris Brown
  136. 136They SayChris Brown
  137. 137This ChristmasChris Brown
  138. 138ThrowedChris Brown
  139. 139Too FreakyChris Brown
  140. 140Treading WaterChris Brown
  141. 141Treading WaterChris Brown
  142. 142Try a Little TendernessChris Brown
  143. 143Turn Up The MusicChris Brown
  144. 144Turnt UpChris Brown
  145. 145Twitter (Follow Me)Chris Brown
  146. 146Up To YouChris Brown
  147. 147Wall to WallChris Brown
  148. 148What it doChris Brown
  149. 149Who's Girl is ThatChris Brown
  150. 150WinnerChris Brown
  151. 151With YouChris Brown
  152. 152With You (Girl Edition)Chris Brown
  153. 153Without YouChris Brown
  154. 154Work Wit ItChris Brown
  155. 155Wrong Side of the TracksChris Brown
  156. 156Ya Man Ain't meChris Brown
  157. 157Yeah 3XChris Brown
  158. 158Yo (Excuse me Miss)Chris Brown
  159. 159YouChris Brown
  160. 160Young LoveChris Brown
  161. 161Your BodyChris Brown
  162. 162Your Love (Remix)Chris Brown

175 song lyrics with Chris Brown, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 163100 BottlesChris Brown, Se7en
  2. 164100%Kid Ink, Chris Brown, Kevin McCall
  3. 1652 ComplicatedChris Brown, Asher Roth
  4. 1662 Young 2 Give A FuckChris Brown, Bow Wow
  5. 1673's CompanySnoop Dogg, Chris Brown, OT Genesis
  6. 16848 Bar RapChris Brown, Tyga
  7. 169Ain't Thinkin Bout YouChris Brown, Bow Wow, Tyga
  8. 170Ain't Thinking Bout YouBow Wow, Chris Brown
  9. 171All I Wanna doChris Brown, TI
  10. 172All OffChris Brown, Seven, Kevin McCall
  11. 173Another PlanetJawan Harris, Chris Brown
  12. 174ArenaB.O.B, Chris Brown, T.I.
  13. 175Back To The CribJuelz Santana, Chris Brown
  14. 176BadChris Brown, Soulja Boy
  15. 177BallinChris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall
  16. 178BBJKevin McCall, Chris Brown, Ludacris
  17. 179Beautiful PeopleChris Brown, Benny Benassi
  18. 180Beautiful PeopleBenny Benassi, Chris Brown
  19. 181Best Love SongT-Pain, Chris Brown
  20. 182Bet Cypher 2010 Part 6Kevin McCall, Ace Hood, Chris Brown, Tyga
  21. 183Better On The Other SideThe Game, Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Mario Winans, Usher, Polow da Don
  22. 184Better With the Lights OffNew Boyz, Chris Brown
  23. 185Between the LinesChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  24. 186Big ThingsEster Dean, Chris Brown
  25. 187Body On MineChris Brown, Se7en
  26. 188BombChris Brown, Wiz Khalifa
  27. 189Brown Skin GirlChris Brown, Sean Paul and Rock City
  28. 190Call Me DougieNew Boyz, Chris Brown
  29. 191ChampionChipmunk, Chris Brown
  30. 192Champion (Remix)Chipmunk, Chris Brown, J. Cole
  31. 193Christmas Came TodayChris Brown, Seven
  32. 194Countdown2 Chainz, Chris Brown
  33. 195CurseChris Brown, Diddy
  34. 196DeucesChris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall
  35. 197Deuces (Remix)Chris Brown, Drake, T.I, Kanye West, Fabolous, Rick Ross & Andre 3000
  36. 198Drop it Low (Remix)Ester Dean, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
  37. 199Drop it Low (Remix)Trey Songz, Ester Dean, Diddy, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
  38. 200Drop RapChris Brown, Petey Pablo
  39. 201Drop Top GirlChris Brown, Tyga
  40. 202Feel the SteamChris Brown, Elephant Man
  41. 203Feel The SteamElephant Man, Chris Brown
  42. 204Flying SoloChris Brown, Dr. Dre
  43. 205For The FameTyga, Chris Brown, Wynter Gordon
  44. 206ForeplayTank, Chris Brown
  45. 207Freaky I IzKevin McCall, Chris Brown, Diesel
  46. 208Freaky I'm IzChris Brown, Diesel, Swizz Beatz, Kevin McCall
  47. 209FreezeT-Pain, Chris Brown
  48. 210Fuck Um AllChris Brown, Diesel, Kevin McCall
  49. 211G ShitTyga, Chris Brown
  50. 212G ShitChris Brown, Tyga
  51. 213Get Back UpT.I., Chris Brown
  52. 214Get Like MeDavid Banner, Chris Brown
  53. 215Get That MoneyLil Durk, Chris Brown, French Montana
  54. 216Gimme That (Remix)Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne
  55. 217Gimme Whatcha GotChris Brown, Lil Wayne
  56. 218GirlfriendChris Brown, Lupe Fiasco
  57. 219GlitterChris Brown, Big Sean
  58. 220God's Top TenChris Brown, Suzie McNeil
  59. 221Green GoblinJae Millz, Chris Brown
  60. 222Hard To GetKevin McCall, Chris Brown
  61. 223Have itChris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall
  62. 224Head of my ClassYoung Goldie, Chris Brown
  63. 225Head of my ClassScooter Smiff, Chris Brown
  64. 226Head of my ClassChris Brown, Scooter Smiff
  65. 227HeartburnKevin McCall, Chris Brown
  66. 228Hold UpChris Brown, Big Boi
  67. 229Holla @ MeChris Brown, Tyga
  68. 230Hope We Meet AgainPitbull, Chris Brown
  69. 231I Can Only ImagineDavid Guetta, Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne
  70. 232I Can Transform YaChris Brown, Lil' Wayne, Swizz Beatz
  71. 233I'm on itTyga, Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne
  72. 234I'm So RawTyga, Chris Brown
  73. 235I'm So RawChris Brown, Tyga
  74. 236InternationalEstelle, Chris Brown, Trey Songz
  75. 237International LoveChris Brown, Pitbull
  76. 238Intro (2)Chris Brown, Tyga
  77. 239Kiss KissChris Brown, T-Pain
  78. 240Kiss Kiss (Remix)Chris Brown, Nelly, T-Pain, T.O.K
  79. 241Ladies Love MeChris Brown, Justin Bieber
  80. 242Leave The ClubChris Brown, Joelle James
  81. 243LegendaryDJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole, Ne-Yo
  82. 244Life ItselfChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  83. 245Like a Virgin AgainChris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall
  84. 246LonelyTank, Chris Brown
  85. 247Long GoneNelly, Chris Brown, Plies
  86. 248Look at Her GoT-Pain, Chris Brown
  87. 249Look at me NowChris Brown, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes
  88. 250Look at me Now (Remix)Chris Brown, Twista & Lil Wayne
  89. 251Love The GirlsChris Brown, Game
  90. 252Make a MovieTwista, Chris Brown
  91. 253Make LoveChris Brown, Tyga
  92. 254Marvin's Room (Remix)Chris Brown, Seven, Kevin McCall
  93. 255Middle TalkingChris Brown, Tyga
  94. 256MirageChris Brown, NaS
  95. 257Movin 2 FastChris Brown, Tyga
  96. 258Ms. BreezyChris Brown, Gucci Mane
  97. 259My Girl Like Them GirlsChris Brown, J. Valentine
  98. 260My LastBig Sean, Chris Brown
  99. 261Next 2 YouChris Brown, Justin Bieber
  100. 262NiceChris Brown, The Game
  101. 263Niggas In Paris (Freestyle)Chris Brown, T-Pain
  102. 264No AirJordin Sparks, Chris Brown
  103. 265No AirChris Brown, Jordin Sparks
  104. 266No BullshitChris Brown, Tyga
  105. 267Nobody's BusinessRihanna, Chris Brown
  106. 268Number OneChris Brown, Tyga, Kevin McCall
  107. 269One More ChanceChris Brown, Jazze Pha
  108. 270One Night StandKeri Hilson, Chris Brown
  109. 271Only OneThe Game, Chris Brown
  110. 272Outro TalkingChris Brown, Tyga
  111. 273Paper, Scissors, RockChris Brown, Big Sean & Timbaland
  112. 274Party HardChris Brown, Se7en
  113. 275PerfumeChris Brown, Rich Girl
  114. 276Picture PerfectChris Brown, Will.I.Am
  115. 277Picture Perfect (Remix)Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Hurricane Chris
  116. 278Poppin' (Remix)Chris Brown, LIL' WAYNE & JUELZ SANTANA
  117. 279Pot of GoldThe Game, Chris Brown
  118. 280Private DancerChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  119. 281Put It DownBrandy, Chris Brown
  120. 282Put You onDiggy Simmons, Chris Brown
  121. 283QuitsChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  122. 284Real Hip Hop #4Chris Brown, Kevin McCall
  123. 285Real Hip Hop ShitChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  124. 286Regular GirlChris Brown, Tyga
  125. 287Rest of my LifeChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  126. 288Right By My SideNicki Minaj, Chris Brown
  127. 289Run it!Chris Brown, JUELZ SANTANA
  128. 290Run it! (Remix)Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Jermaine Dupri
  129. 291Seen the LightChris Brown, Rico Love
  130. 292Sex LoveChris Brown, Lonny Bereal, Seven
  131. 293Shake itChris Brown, T-Pain
  132. 294Shawty get LooseLil Mama, Chris Brown, T-Pain
  133. 295Shit Got DamnChris Brown, Big Sean
  134. 296ShoesChris Brown, L.A.D. a.k.a LA the Darkman
  135. 297Shortie Like MineBow Wow, Chris Brown
  136. 298SlamChris Brown, Bow Wow, Omarion
  137. 299Snapbacks BackTyga, Chris Brown
  138. 300Speedin'Chris Brown, Rick Ross
  139. 301Spend It AllChris Brown, Kevin McCall, Se7en
  140. 302StripChris Brown, Kevin McCall
  141. 303StrongerEster Dean, Chris Brown
  142. 304Super HumanChris Brown, Keri Hilson
  143. 305SweatFlo Rida, Chris Brown
  144. 306Take It Down LowAkon, Chris Brown
  145. 307Take It To The HeadDJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne
  146. 308Tell MeChris Brown, Smitty, Omarion, Mario, Jamie Fox
  147. 309Till I DieChris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean
  148. 310Time Of Your Life (Remix)Kid Ink, Chris Brown, Tyga
  149. 311Touch Me (Like You Touch Urself)Chris Brown, Se7en
  150. 312Trumpet LightsChris Brown, Sabrina Antoinette
  151. 313Turn Me OnSnoop Dogg, Chris Brown
  152. 314Turn Up The Music (Remix)Chris Brown, Rihanna
  153. 315TurntablesCiara, Chris Brown
  154. 316Type a WayEric Bellinger, Chris Brown & OG Parker
  155. 317Type a Way (Spanish Remix)Eric Bellinger, Chris Brown, OG Parker
  156. 318Umbrella (Cinderella Remix)Rihanna, Chris Brown, Jay-Z
  157. 319Umbrella (Remix)Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Rihanna
  158. 320UndercoverDJ Drama, Chris Brown, J. Cole
  159. 321Up (Remix)Justin Bieber, Chris Brown
  160. 322UsChris Brown, Suzie McNeil
  161. 323WaitChris Brown, Trey Songz & Game
  162. 324Wait For YouChris Brown, Se7en
  163. 325WaitingTrey Songz, Chris Brown
  164. 326Wall 2 Wall (Remix)Chris Brown, Jadakiss, Elephant Man
  165. 327WestsideJay Rock, Chris Brown
  166. 328Wet the BedChris Brown, Ludacris
  167. 329What I doChris Brown, Plies
  168. 330What Them Girls LikeLudacris, Chris Brown, Sean Garrett
  169. 331What They WantChris Brown, Tyga
  170. 332What U DoinChris Brown, Big Sean
  171. 333What's my NameChris Brown, Noah
  172. 334Where Do We Go From HereChris Brown, Pitbull
  173. 335Which OneChris Brown, Noah
  174. 336Wonder WomanTyga, Chris Brown
  175. 337YokoChris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Big KRIT, Berner


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