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209 song lyrics by Christina Aguilera

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 1A Song for YouChristina Aguilera
  2. 2Ain't No Other ManChristina Aguilera
  3. 3All I NeedChristina Aguilera
  4. 4All I Wanna doChristina Aguilera ft. Keizo Nakanishi
  5. 5All Right NowChristina Aguilera
  6. 6Angels we have Heard on HighChristina Aguilera
  7. 7Army of MeChristina Aguilera
  8. 8Around the WorldChristina Aguilera
  9. 9At LastChristina Aguilera
  10. 10Back in the dayChristina Aguilera
  11. 11BeautifulChristina Aguilera
  12. 12Beautiful (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  13. 13Believe meChristina Aguilera
  14. 14Believe me (Dance Mix)Christina Aguilera
  15. 15Best of MeChristina Aguilera
  16. 16BionicChristina Aguilera
  17. 17Birds Of PreyChristina Aguilera
  18. 18Blank PageChristina Aguilera
  19. 19BlessedChristina Aguilera
  20. 20BobbleheadChristina Aguilera
  21. 21Bound to YouChristina Aguilera
  22. 22BrianChristina Aguilera
  23. 23But I Am a Good GirlChristina Aguilera
  24. 24By Your SideChristina Aguilera
  25. 25Can't Hold Us DownChristina Aguilera ft. Lil' Kim
  26. 26CandymanChristina Aguilera
  27. 27Car WashMissy Elliot ft. Christina Aguilera
  28. 28Car WashMissy Elliott ft. Christina Aguilera
  29. 29Car WashChristina Aguilera ft. Missy Elliott
  30. 30Car WashMissy 'misdemeanor' Elliott ft. Christina Aguilera
  31. 31Castle WallsT.I. ft. Christina Aguilera
  32. 32Cease FireChristina Aguilera
  33. 33Christmas TimeChristina Aguilera
  34. 34CirclesChristina Aguilera
  35. 35Come On Over (All I Want Is You)Christina Aguilera
  36. 36Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (Radio Edit)Christina Aguilera
  37. 37Contigo en la DistanciaChristina Aguilera
  38. 38CruzChristina Aguilera
  39. 39Cuando No Es ContigoChristina Aguilera
  40. 40Dame lo que yo te doyChristina Aguilera
  41. 41DesnudateChristina Aguilera
  42. 42DirrtyChristina Aguilera ft. Redman
  43. 43Dirrty (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  44. 44Don't Make me Love youChristina Aguilera
  45. 45Dream a DreamChristina Aguilera
  46. 46Dreamy EyesChristina Aguilera
  47. 47DynamiteChristina Aguilera
  48. 48El Beso del FinalChristina Aguilera
  49. 49Elastic LoveChristina Aguilera
  50. 50Empty WordsChristina Aguilera
  51. 51Enter the CircusChristina Aguilera
  52. 52ExpressChristina Aguilera
  53. 53F.U.S.S. (Interlude)Christina Aguilera
  54. 54Falling in Love Again (Can't Help it)Christina Aguilera
  55. 55Falsas EsperanzasChristina Aguilera
  56. 56Feel This MomentPitbull ft. Christina Aguilera
  57. 57FighterChristina Aguilera
  58. 58Fighter (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  59. 59Genie 2.0Christina Aguilera
  60. 60Genie In A BottleChristina Aguilera
  61. 61Genie in a Bottle (Dutch Translation)Christina Aguilera
  62. 62Genie in a Bottle (Remix)Christina Aguilera
  63. 63Genio AtrapadoChristina Aguilera
  64. 64Get Mine, Get YoursChristina Aguilera
  65. 65GlamChristina Aguilera
  66. 66Guy What Takes His TimeChristina Aguilera
  67. 67Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasChristina Aguilera
  68. 68HelloChristina Aguilera
  69. 69Here To StayChristina Aguilera
  70. 70Heroe (Español)Christina Aguilera
  71. 71HurtChristina Aguilera
  72. 72Hurt (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  73. 73I Am (Stripped)Christina Aguilera
  74. 74I Come UndoneChristina Aguilera
  75. 75I Got TroubleChristina Aguilera
  76. 76I Hate BoysChristina Aguilera
  77. 77I Have NothingChristina Aguilera
  78. 78I Turn to youChristina Aguilera
  79. 79I Will beChristina Aguilera
  80. 80I'm OKChristina Aguilera
  81. 81ImpossibleChristina Aguilera ft. Alicia Keys
  82. 82InfatuationChristina Aguilera
  83. 83Infatuation (Capricho Español)Christina Aguilera
  84. 84Infatuation (Interlude)Christina Aguilera
  85. 85Intro (Back to Basics)Christina Aguilera
  86. 86Just A FoolChristina Aguilera ft. Blake Shelton
  87. 87Just Be Free (Remix)Christina Aguilera
  88. 88Just Be Free (Spanish)Christina Aguilera
  89. 89Keep on singin' my songChristina Aguilera
  90. 90Keeps Gettin BetterChristina Aguilera
  91. 91Lady MarmaladeMissy Elliot ft. Lil' Kim & Pink & Mya & 1 more
  92. 92Lady MarmaladeChristina Aguilera ft. Lil' Kim & Mya & Pink & 1 more
  93. 93Lady MarmaladeChristina Aguilera ft. Mya & Pink & Lil' Kim & 1 more
  94. 94Lady MarmaladeLil' Kim ft. Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliott & Mya & 1 more
  95. 95Lady MarmaladeMissy 'misdemeanor' Elliott ft. Lil’ Kim & Mya & Pink & 1 more
  96. 96Lady Marmalade (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  97. 97Left Outside AloneChristina Aguilera
  98. 98Let There Be LoveChristina Aguilera
  99. 99Lift Me UpChristina Aguilera
  100. 100Light Up The SkyChristina Aguilera
  101. 101Like a Virgin Hollywood Medley (2003 mtv vma Performance)Madonna ft. Christina Aguilera
  102. 102Little DreamerChristina Aguilera
  103. 103Lotus IntroChristina Aguilera
  104. 104Love & Glamour (Intro)Christina Aguilera
  105. 105Love For All SeasonsChristina Aguilera
  106. 106Love is Only LoveChristina Aguilera
  107. 107Love Will Find a WayChristina Aguilera
  108. 108Loving Me 4 MeChristina Aguilera
  109. 109Loving me for me (Interlude)Christina Aguilera
  110. 110Make me HappyChristina Aguilera
  111. 111Make OverChristina Aguilera
  112. 112Make the World MoveChristina Aguilera ft. Cee-Lo
  113. 113Makes me Wanna PrayChristina Aguilera ft. Steve Winwood
  114. 114Mercy on meChristina Aguilera
  115. 115Merry Christmas, BabyChristina Aguilera ft. Dr. John
  116. 116Mi ReflejoChristina Aguilera
  117. 117Monday MorningChristina Aguilera
  118. 118Morning Dessert (Intro)Christina Aguilera
  119. 119MotherChristina Aguilera
  120. 120Moulin RougeChristina Aguilera ft. Mya & Lil & Kim & 1 more
  121. 121Move itChristina Aguilera
  122. 122Move it (Dance Mix)Christina Aguilera
  123. 123Moves Like JaggerMaroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera
  124. 124My DestinyChristina Aguilera
  125. 125My Funny ValentineChristina Aguilera
  126. 126My GirlsChristina Aguilera ft. Peaches
  127. 127My Heart (Intro)Christina Aguilera
  128. 128Nasty Naughty boyChristina Aguilera
  129. 129No hay Ningún Otro HombreChristina Aguilera
  130. 130Nobody Wants to Be LonelyChristina Aguilera ft. Ricky Martin
  131. 131Not Growing Up TonightChristina Aguilera ft. The Pussycat Dolls
  132. 132Not Myself TonightChristina Aguilera
  133. 133ObviousChristina Aguilera
  134. 134Oh Holy NightChristina Aguilera
  135. 135Oh MadreChristina Aguilera
  136. 136Oh MotherChristina Aguilera
  137. 137On our wayChristina Aguilera
  138. 138Our day Will ComeChristina Aguilera
  139. 139Pero me Acuerdo de tiChristina Aguilera
  140. 140Por Siempre tuChristina Aguilera
  141. 141Prima DonnaChristina Aguilera
  142. 142Red Hot Kinda LoveChristina Aguilera
  143. 143ReflectionChristina Aguilera
  144. 144Running out of TimeChristina Aguilera
  145. 145Save me From MyselfChristina Aguilera
  146. 146Save me From Myself (Traducción)Christina Aguilera
  147. 147Say SomethingA Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera
  148. 148ScarChristina Aguilera
  149. 149Sex for BreakfastChristina Aguilera
  150. 150Show Me How You BurlesqueChristina Aguilera
  151. 151Shut UpChristina Aguilera
  152. 152Si No Te Hubiera ConocidoChristina Aguilera
  153. 153Si no te Hubiera ConocidoChristina Aguilera ft. Luis Fonsi
  154. 154Silent NightChristina Aguilera
  155. 155Silent Night (Noche de Paz)Christina Aguilera
  156. 156Sing For MeChristina Aguilera
  157. 157Singing My SongChristina Aguilera
  158. 158Slow Down BabyChristina Aguilera
  159. 159So EmotionalChristina Aguilera
  160. 160SoarChristina Aguilera
  161. 161Somebody's SomebodyChristina Aguilera
  162. 162Something's Got a Hold on meChristina Aguilera
  163. 163Somos Novios (It's Impossible)Andrea Bocelli ft. Christina Aguilera
  164. 164SpotlightChristina Aguilera
  165. 165Still DirrtyChristina Aguilera
  166. 166Stripped Pt. 1Christina Aguilera
  167. 167Stripped, Pt. 2Christina Aguilera
  168. 168Stronger Than EverChristina Aguilera
  169. 169Tan EmocionalChristina Aguilera
  170. 170Tell meDiddy ft. Christina Aguilera
  171. 171Tell meP. Diddy (Puff Daddy) ft. Christina Aguilera
  172. 172Thank You (Dedication to Fans...)Christina Aguilera
  173. 173That's What Love can doChristina Aguilera
  174. 174The Beautiful PeopleChristina Aguilera
  175. 175The Christmas SongChristina Aguilera
  176. 176The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix)Christina Aguilera
  177. 177The Count DownChristina Aguilera
  178. 178The EnemyChristina Aguilera
  179. 179The Music That Makes me DanceChristina Aguilera
  180. 180The Right ManChristina Aguilera
  181. 181The Voice WithinChristina Aguilera
  182. 182The Voice Within (Traducida)Christina Aguilera
  183. 183The Way You Talk to meChristina Aguilera
  184. 184These are the Special TimesChristina Aguilera
  185. 185This ChristmasChristina Aguilera
  186. 186This YearChristina Aguilera
  187. 187Til't cha Head Back (Feat Nelly)Christina Aguilera
  188. 188Tilt Ya Head BackNelly ft. Christina Aguilera
  189. 189Too Beautiful for WordsChristina Aguilera
  190. 190Tough LoverChristina Aguilera
  191. 191Una MujerChristina Aguilera
  192. 192UnderappreciatedChristina Aguilera
  193. 193UnderstandChristina Aguilera
  194. 194VanityChristina Aguilera
  195. 195Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu)Christina Aguilera
  196. 196Walk AwayChristina Aguilera
  197. 197We're a MiracleChristina Aguilera
  198. 198WelcomeChristina Aguilera
  199. 199What A Girl WantsChristina Aguilera
  200. 200What a Girl Wants (Remix)Christina Aguilera
  201. 201When you put Your Hands on meChristina Aguilera
  202. 202Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut upChristina Aguilera
  203. 203Without youChristina Aguilera
  204. 204WoohooChristina Aguilera ft. Nicki Minaj
  205. 205Xtina's XmasChristina Aguilera
  206. 206Yo Solo Quiero AmarteRicky Martin ft. Christina Aguilera
  207. 207You Are What You Are (Beautiful)Christina Aguilera
  208. 208You Lost MeChristina Aguilera
  209. 209Your BodyChristina Aguilera

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