The Count Down Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The Count Down as performed by Christina Aguilera

Lyrics to song The Count Down by Christina Aguilera

Everytime from the 1st day of December to the 25th
The time goes so slow The excitement takes over,
the presents and cards, Advant calenders prepared
to be opened, the special moments ooh chorus: ooh
the count down is always the best, as advant
calenders are waiting to lead the way, the
chocolates for everyone ooh the count down ooh yey
yeah the count down to christmas! yeah The special
moments of the count down the excitement, bursting
for christmas day opening presents and the turkey
for dinner. Children playing all day, pulling
crakers dancing under the mistletoe. but before
that happens there must be a moment where you wait
ooh yeah the count down Chorus ooh yeah lets all
celebrate when christmas is here let's all perty
all night pull crakers, spoon in the christmas
pudding unwrapping presents all day enjoying
yourself, but first of all you need to go through
the count down the count down (count down) yeah
ooh the special count down (Talking) oh don't
forget your advant calender