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Lyrics in Album Declaration Of Independence (2012)

There is a total of 15 lyrics in Album Declaration Of Independence (2012). Pick your favourite song and start singing.

Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Answer to No OneColt Ford ft. JJ Lawhorn
  2. 2Drivin' Around SongColt Ford ft. Jason Aldean
  3. 3All InColt Ford ft. Kix Brooks
  4. 4Ain't Out of the WoodsColt Ford ft. Montgomery Gentry
  5. 5LuckyColt Ford ft. Jonathan Singleton
  6. 6BackColt Ford ft. Jake Owen
  7. 7Dancin' While Intoxicated (DWI)Colt Ford ft. LoCash Cowboys & Redneck Social Club
  8. 8It's AllColt Ford ft. Jeffrey Steele
  9. 9Hugh Damn RightColt Ford ft. Laura Bell Bundy
  10. 10Room at the BarColt Ford ft. Corey Smith
  11. 11All Of My TomorrowsColt Ford ft. Russell Dickerson
  12. 12Happy In HellColt Ford ft. Wanya Morris
  13. 1350/50Colt Ford
  14. 14Way Too EarlyColt Ford ft. Darius Rucker
  15. 15Angels & DemonsColt Ford ft. Lamar Williams & Jr


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