Common Lyrics

This lyrics archive contain a total of 172 song lyrics by Common. 96 of these are songs where Common perform alone, and 76 are songs where Common perform together with other artists. See other artists related to Common at the end of this lyrics archive.

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96 song lyrics with Common alone

Song TitleArtist Name
  1. 1.1-9-9-9Common
  2. 2.1, 2 ManyCommon
  3. 3.8 Minutes to SunriseCommon
  4. 4.A Film Called (Pimp)Common
  5. 5.A Penny for my ThoughtsCommon
  6. 6.A Song for AssataCommon
  7. 7.All Night LongCommon
  8. 8.Another Wasted Nite with...Common
  9. 9.AquariusCommon
  10. 10.Be (Intro)Common
  11. 11.BelieveCommon
  12. 12.Blows to the TempleCommon
  13. 13.Blue SkyCommon
  14. 14.Book of LifeCommon
  15. 15.Break my HeartCommon
  16. 16.Breaker 1/9Common
  17. 17.Can-I-Bust?Common
  18. 18.CelebrateCommon
  19. 19.ChangesCommon
  20. 20.Charms AlarmCommon
  21. 21.Chi-CityCommon
  22. 22.ClothCommon
  23. 23.ColdbloodedCommon
  24. 24.CommunismCommon
  25. 25.Dance for meCommon
  26. 26.Don't Come my wayCommon
  27. 27.DooinitCommon
  28. 28.EverywhereCommon
  29. 29.Food for FunkCommon
  30. 30.Forever BeginsCommon
  31. 31.Funky for youCommon
  32. 32.Gettin' Down at the AmphitheaterCommon
  33. 33.GoldCommon
  34. 34.HeatCommon
  35. 35.Heaven SomewhereCommon
  36. 36.Heidi hoeCommon
  37. 37.High ExpectationsCommon
  38. 38.HungryCommon
  39. 39.I got a Right taCommon
  40. 40.I Used to Love H.E.R.Common
  41. 41.I Want youCommon
  42. 42.I've Been ThinkingCommon
  43. 43.In my own World (Check the Method)Common
  44. 44.InhaleCommon
  45. 45.InvocationCommon
  46. 46.Jimi was a Rock StarCommon
  47. 47.Just in the Nick of RhymeCommon
  48. 48.Like They Used to sayCommon
  49. 49.Love is...Common
  50. 50.MaintainingCommon
  51. 51.Making a Name for OurselvesCommon
  52. 52.MisunderstoodCommon
  53. 53.My CityCommon
  54. 54.Nag Champa (Afrodisiac for the World)Common
  55. 55.Nuthin' to doCommon
  56. 56.Orange Pineapple JuiceCommon
  57. 57.Payback is a GrandmotherCommon
  58. 58.Pitchin' PenniesCommon
  59. 59.Pop's Rap IIICommon
  60. 60.Pops BeliefCommon
  61. 61.Puppy ChowCommon
  62. 62.Raw (How You Like It)Common
  63. 63.Real Nigga QuotesCommon
  64. 64.Real PeopleCommon
  65. 65.Remaning me of (Sef)Common
  66. 66.ResurrectionCommon
  67. 67.Resurrection '95Common
  68. 68.Retrospect for LifeCommon
  69. 69.Sex 4 SugaCommon
  70. 70.Soul by the PoundCommon
  71. 71.Soul PowerCommon
  72. 72.Star *69Common
  73. 73.Stolen Moments pt. ICommon
  74. 74.Stolen Moments pt. iiCommon
  75. 75.Stolen Moments pt. iiiCommon
  76. 76.Sum Shit I WroteCommon
  77. 77.SweetCommon
  78. 78.Take it ezCommon
  79. 79.TekzillaCommon
  80. 80.TestifyCommon
  81. 81.The 6th SenseCommon
  82. 82.The Bitch in yooCommon
  83. 83.The FoodCommon
  84. 84.The LightCommon
  85. 85.The Lovin' I LostCommon
  86. 86.The QuestionsCommon
  87. 87.The RemedyCommon
  88. 88.TheloniousCommon
  89. 89.ThisismeCommon
  90. 90.Time Travelin' (a Tribute to Fela)Common
  91. 91.Tricks up my SleeveCommon
  92. 92.Two Scoops of RaisinsCommon
  93. 93.WatermelonCommon
  94. 94.What a WorldCommon
  95. 95.WindowsCommon
  96. 96.Yelling AwayCommon

76 song lyrics with Common, and other artists

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 97.A DreamCommon, Will.I.Am
  2. 98.Act too (the Love of my Life)Roots, Common
  3. 99.Act Too (The Love Of My Life)The Roots, Common
  4. 100.Again (Remix)Faith Evans, Common, Ghostface Killah
  5. 101.AngelThe Game, Common
  6. 102.AnnouncementCommon, Pharrell Williams
  7. 103.Any Given SundayCommon, Jamie Foxx, Guru
  8. 104.Baby I'm SelfishCommon, Kanye West
  9. 105.Better Than YoursKanye West, Common
  10. 106.Between me, you & LiberationCommon, Cee-Lo
  11. 107.Bulls-Eye (Suddenly)Syleena Johnson, Common
  12. 108.Car HornCommon, Mark the 45 King
  13. 109.Chapter 13Common, Ynot
  14. 110.Come CloseCommon, Mary J. Blige
  15. 111.Cool Outrageous LoversLil' Wayne, Andre 3000, Common, Plies
  16. 112.DecisionBusta Rhymes, Common, Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Mary J Blige
  17. 113.Do the Right ThangLudacris, Common, Spike Lee
  18. 114.Don't Charge me for the CrimeJonas Brothers, Common
  19. 115.Drivin' me WildCommon, Lily Allen
  20. 116.Electric Wire Hustler FlowerCommon, Sonny P.O.D.
  21. 117.FaithfulCommon, Bilal, John Legend
  22. 118.Favorite SongColbie Caillat, Common
  23. 119.G.O.D.Common, Cee-Lo
  24. 120.Get Em' HighKanye West, Talib Kweli, Common
  25. 121.Geto Heaven Part TwoCommon, D'angelo
  26. 122.Ghetto DreamsCommon, NaS
  27. 123.Ghetto SnowTalib Kweli, Common, Anthony Hamilton
  28. 124.GladiatorCommon, Pharrell Williams
  29. 125.Go!Common, Kanye West, John Mayer [Chorus]
  30. 126.Good FridayKanye West, Kid Cudi, Common, Big Sean, Pusha T & Charlie Wilson
  31. 127.GoodlifeT.I., Common, Pharrell Williams
  32. 128.HurricaneCommon, Mos Def, Black Thought, Flo Brown, Jazzyfatnastees
  33. 129.I am MusicCommon, Jill Scott
  34. 130.I Just Wanna RhymePumpkinhead, Common, Krs-One, NaS
  35. 131.It's Your WorldCommon, Pops
  36. 132.Live From The D.j. Stretch Armstrong ShowBlack Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch, Absolute, Bobbito
  37. 133.Love it or Leave it AloneAlicia Keys, Common, Mos Def, Damian Marley
  38. 134.Love Of My LifeErykah Badu, Common
  39. 135.Make Her SayKid Cudi, Common, Kanye West
  40. 136.Make my DayCommon, Cee-Lo
  41. 137.My Way HomeKanye West, Common
  42. 138.New WaveCommon, Laetitia Sadier
  43. 139.One Day It'll All Make SenseCommon, Q-Tip
  44. 140.One Four Love Pt. 1Common, Kool G. Rap, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli, Posdnous, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sporty Theivz
  45. 141.Play Your Cards RightCommon, Bilal
  46. 142.Punch Drunk LoveCommon, Kanye West
  47. 143.Punch Drunk Love (the Eye)Common, Kanye West
  48. 144.Real Compared To WhatMya, Common
  49. 145.Reminding Me (Of Sef)Common, Chantay Savage
  50. 146.Revelations 3:8 IntroductionTeena Marie, Common
  51. 147.Slam PitBeatnuts, Common, Cuban Link
  52. 148.Slam PitThe Beatnuts, Common, Cuban Link
  53. 149.So far to goCommon, D'Angelo
  54. 150.SouthsideCommon, Kanye West
  55. 151.Start the ShowCommon, Kanye West
  56. 152.SupastarFloetry, Common
  57. 153.Tell me What We're Gonna Do NowJoss Stone, Common
  58. 154.The BelieverCommon, John Legend
  59. 155.The CornerCommon, Kanye West, The Last Poets
  60. 156.The DreamerCommon, Maya Angelou
  61. 157.The GameCommon, Kanye West
  62. 158.The HustleCommon, Dart Chillz, Omar
  63. 159.The Light (Remix)Common, Erykah Badu
  64. 160.The PeopleCommon, Dwele
  65. 161.They sayCommon, John Legend, Kanye West
  66. 162.They SayKanye West, Common, John Legend
  67. 163.U Still Got itJamie Foxx, Common
  68. 164.U, Black MaybeCommon, Bilal
  69. 165.Universal Mind ControlCommon, Pharrell Williams
  70. 166.Universe at warRoots, Common
  71. 167.Universe at WarThe Roots, Common
  72. 168.Wack NiggasTalib Kweli, Common, Consequence, Kanye West
  73. 169.Wake Up EverybodyJohn Legend, Common, Roots, Melanie Fiona
  74. 170.Wake Up EverybodyThe Roots, John Legend, Common, Melanie Fiona
  75. 171.Why (Remix)Jadakiss, Common, Nas, Styles p, Anthony Hamilton
  76. 172.Wouldn't You Like 2 RydeKanye West, Malik Usef, Common