Reincarnation of Death Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Reincarnation of Death as performed by Decision-D

Lyrics to song Reincarnation of Death by Decision-D

Great temptation
The king illusion came to fall
I see it in the age of fog
and down and down it goes and gets thicker
It rules in the hearts of millions
that are victims of an abomnable
Conspiracy that gets bigger and bigger

The minute starts with an eastern rumble
that drags us into temptation
It's easy to say that its a New Age
with his expectations that massacres our minds
A price we pay for the rejection
of the cleansing blood

Eastern goeroes expose our thoughts
with spiritual condemnation and restrain us
from authentic salvation from the only creator
that is allowed to be worshipped
They consider themselves
reincarnated gods

All wicked ideas from the snake
like he deceived eve from the beginning
telling her that she surely wouldn't die
eating from the forbidden tree
And that god knew that if she ate from the tree
she would be like him

This is how I'm being raised
against these damned energies and vibrations
by surrendering myself to christ,
healer of sin, ruler and the ressurected
That's why I will never ever ever
never answer to your call