I Am A Stone Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song I Am A Stone as performed by Demon Hunter

Lyrics to song I Am A Stone by Demon Hunter

It’s hard to say that I’m back on a straight line
You’ll see my path is in fact just a fault line
It’s in my blood, it’s in my lungs, and it won’t die
I fight these words, I bite my tongue, so I don’t lie
Though it’s me to blame, there is no more shame in me
I just feel the same, immune to all this pain
And the scars don’t write a song for me at all
I am a stone, unaffected
Rain Hell down onto me
Flesh and bone, unaffected
Your fool I will not be
I tried to see and believe in the short-sight
Accept the burn of a vain and a half life
And how you rest your faith in these for a lifetime
The hollow lie against my hope that I won’t buy
No, your tears won’t line a path for me to crawl
The waters rise above my eyes
I will breathe it in and go out with the tide
And when you think this is the end
You will find me there where I have always been


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