We Don't Care Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song We Don't Care as performed by Demon Hunter

Lyrics to song We Don't Care by Demon Hunter

This is the end of everything
A degenerate culture’s elegy

Now the reaper is waiting at the door
Drunk on our blood and craving more
This is the sound of a thousand holy feet treading on a soon forgotten grave
This is a life-long declaration of war, no sacrifice in vain
Let them remember the name
Feels like we’ve run out of air
They tear the breath out from our lungs
And we don’t care
Feels like we’ve run out of air
Damnation passed down to our sons
And we don’t care
Witness the end of apathy
We have embraced our suffering
Will the pain illuminate our fall?
Or will we see the blame at all?
No compromise to end
We’ll wash the blood off from our hands and fight again

Remember the name


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