The 10 Commandments Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song The 10 Commandments as performed by Deride

Lyrics to song The 10 Commandments by Deride

Bloody cross a morbid past
The future looks just like the last
Holy plague, homophobic
Shaping youth so prejudistic
Rules are broken and bent

One look then you hear my name
A goatlike creation growls your way

You predict what is in store
Unbelief a life in hell
You play god based on the words

From a book embalmed in war
History repeats itself

No crown of thorns around a head
Could ever alternate my inner self

One look then I hear his name
Jesus Christ you died in vain
Nothing holy in my life
I'd rather burn and die tonight
Cause history is ignored
inside out and behind

Fuck your kind forever
I am not your average fool
Blinded by your holy garbage
I see through your cross and lies
And will outlive your religious carnage

One look but not a word
I am not your friend
When you die and turn to dust
I will piss on your grave
And laugh at your rotten face

The ten commandments

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