Evil at Heart Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Evil at Heart as performed by Diabolical Breed

Lyrics to song Evil at Heart by Diabolical Breed

One last screaming prayer from the youngest one of
angels tonight. One tear for each pair of demon
eyes that stares at him from the dark. Chaos
breeds in this could autumn night, heaven's herd
of sheep infiltrated By bloodthirsty wolves in
disguise. The prodigal son hast returned to claim
His rightful heritage.

Dark angels, evil at heart, once banished from the
heavenly haven. Former brothers of light, now
marked by the heathen screams of the raven. Listen
to the pathetic screams of christ. Witness the
death of god. Lord Lucifer walks on sacred ground
again to ensure eternal damnation for all

The unholy battle has ended at last, in this ruin
that once was to be called paradise. White ones
defeated by an army so vast led by the figure...

By the power of the mighty pentagram and our
lord's unholy name, a new world Order innovated
shalt be, by the sacrelegious souls of those who
have fought And died under the black banner of

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