Frozen Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Frozen as performed by Dissection

Lyrics to song Frozen by Dissection

Far beyond all light
Within the black and the coldes breeze
Caressed by the dark I had my sleep
Awakened by the moon
Nocturnal life, my powers to be
Keeping myself alive by sucking
you mortals' blood...
Frozen winds of immortality
as I drown in obscurity
Still feeling the taste of blood...
It makes me so strong...
I spread my wings...
Into soul winter I fly...
Tears in my eyes turns into fire
as where I belong...
The cold within, it chills my skin,
my heart and soul...
In ecstacy I shred myself
to release what's held within
In solitude I'm having my pride
I, Transylvanian son...
Frozen winds of immortality
as I drown in obscurity
I fall deep into what's for me unseen
Eternal flames lick my face
In purgatory I'm all within
But I'm forever bound to my frozen soul...


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