I'm So Blessed Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song I'm So Blessed as performed together by DJ Khaled&Big Sean&Wiz Khalifa&Ace Hood&T-Pain

Lyrics to song I'm So Blessed by DJ Khaled feat. Big Sean&Wiz Khalifa&Ace Hood&T-Pain

Can nothing stop me now
Dj Khaled
Ohohoooo, no

Man I'm so blessed (I'm so blessed)
I got the Lord on my shoulders
I'm alright (I'm alright)
I'm alright (I'm alright)
Ain't got no stress (Ain't got no stress)
My people with me they celebratin' the life
We livin' life (We livin' life)
Now sing it with me
If you've been working hard
If you believe in God
Sing it with me
Can nothing stop me now

Verse 1: Big Sean
Yea, yellin' fuck a 9 to 5 boi
Even if I gotta work from 9 to 9 boi
I'm self made, self paid and I got my city watching
They threw me in the game
I threw up numbers like an auction
'Cause I do it, do it, do it
Like it's no other option
Fat asses, big bottles
When I'm around they both get poppin'
I talk about girls and money
Too much I admit, way too much girls
Too much money, those 2 things that don't exist
And I think It's so impressive I'm riding in the back
Young and black 'cause I'm chauffeured and not 'cause I'm arrested
Getting richer every year, you can grasp up my progression
Got the finest with her shirt off and skirt off
Showing her blessings


Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa
I wonder what the haters got to say now
They mad I'm on top of my game and they down
I'm always repping for my gang I stay down
Ain't gotta go back to my hood 'cause they 'round
And the niggas that's next to me it's all the niggas that stress with me
I done made it from the bottom and they say I did it on my own
So to me that's destiny
If anybody got a problem I just tell 'em to get on their grind
Try to to see as much checks as me
And my wife is a goddess my tree is the finest
A click full of real niggas that's just the one thing about us
They showin' us love, but I remember back then the niggas would doubt us
We used to go out but now when we go out all the people surround us
They screaming my name, I'm repping my city it's me who they proud of
So fuck what the lames about wouldn't me no game without us no game without us


Verse 3: Ace Hood
Been hated on, I been doubted
Been talked about and mistreated
Still put in the work that I needed
Now I'm living the things that I'm dreaming
Got my mama straight and my daughter good
And my team right 'cause we eating
Been broke before and now it's open doors
I got the dopest flow and they seen it
God keep away all them demons
Been patient dog I've been lenient
Been holding out I've been fiending
Long as God with me don't need 'em
When you winning everybody want a dap up
Gettin' money now your friends wanna act up
I don't really give a fuck I'm a go hard
No stress, couple cars in the front yard
We the best be the logo, getting money with a mogul
Upgrade from the 2 to the 4 door
Top down so blast it, it's yolo
One time form the XO
Ace Hood got these rap niggas petro
Fied No lie nigga day know
From the bottom to the top only Lord knows



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