Absolutely Smitten Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Absolutely Smitten as performed by Dodie Clark

Lyrics to song Absolutely Smitten by Dodie Clark

She knows this feeling all too well
She feels her heart begin to swell
Handsome stranger, you have made her insides turn to jelly

She wants to dance around the room
Kiss you until your lips turn blue
But, handsome stranger, you have made her wonder: is she pretty?

But it's too late
She believes in fate
She's absolutely smitten
She'll never let you go

That girl just there. Yes, she's the one
With Cupid's arrow in her bum
Handsome stranger, you have made her happy
The first in a long time!

Did you just whisper in her ear
Words she only dreamed to hear?
Pretty lady, look at how he's smiling
I think he likes you!

But it's too late
You believe in fate
You're absolutely smitten
You'll never let her go

But it's too late
Oh, I believe in fate!
I'm absolutely smitten,
I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go
I'll never let you go


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