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Lyrics in Album Build a Problem (2021)

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Song titleArtist names
  1. 1Air So SweetDodie Clark
  2. 2Hate MyselfDodie Clark
  3. 3I Kissed Someone (It Wasn't You)Dodie Clark
  4. 4Cool GirlDodie Clark
  5. 5Special GirlDodie Clark
  6. 6RainbowDodie Clark
  7. 7Four Tequilas DownDodie Clark
  8. 8SorryDodie Clark
  9. 9WhenDodie Clark
  10. 10Before The LineDodie Clark
  11. 11GuiltlessDodie Clark
  12. 12Boys Like YouDodie Clark
  13. 13Bored Like Me (Demo)Dodie Clark
  14. 14Let Go (Demo)Dodie Clark
  15. 15Bite Back (Demo)Dodie Clark
  16. 16One Last Time (Demo)Dodie Clark
  17. 17All My Daughters (Demo)Dodie Clark
  18. 18Anything (Demo)Dodie Clark
  19. 19In The Bed (Demo)Dodie Clark
  20. 20Don't Quite Belong (Demo)Dodie Clark


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