Arms Unfolding Lyrics

These are the lyrics to song Arms Unfolding as performed by Dodie Clark

Lyrics to song Arms Unfolding by Dodie Clark

Hope I'm not tired of rebuilding
โ€™Cause this might take a little more
I think I'd like to try look at you
And feel the way I did before

Oh, our fire died last winter
All of the shouting blew it out
You know I could live without or with you
But I might like having you about

Yes, these new walls are pretty hard to crack
And it might take a while until I trust you won't attack
Oh, I apologize, but it was only self-defense
Running away just made sense

But here I am with arms unfolding
I guess it isnโ€™t quite the end
Old partner in crime, I am going to try
To fall in love with you again


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