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180 song lyrics by Dream Theater

Song TitleArtist Names
  1. 16:00Dream Theater
  2. 2A Better LifeDream Theater
  3. 3A Change of SeasonsDream Theater
  4. 4A Change of Seasons (Original Live Version )Dream Theater
  5. 5A Change of Seasons ii: InnocenceDream Theater
  6. 6A Change of Seasons VII: the Crimson SunsetDream Theater
  7. 7A Fortune in LiesDream Theater
  8. 8A Life Left BehindDream Theater
  9. 9A mind beside itselfDream Theater
  10. 10A New BeginningDream Theater
  11. 11A Nightmare To RememberDream Theater
  12. 12A Rite Of PassageDream Theater
  13. 13A Savior In The SquareDream Theater
  14. 14A Tempting OfferDream Theater
  15. 15A VisionDream Theater
  16. 16About to CrashDream Theater
  17. 17About to Crash (Reprise)Dream Theater
  18. 18Act Of FaytheDream Theater
  19. 19AfterlifeDream Theater
  20. 20Along For The RideDream Theater
  21. 21Anna leeDream Theater
  22. 22Another dayDream Theater
  23. 23Another wonDream Theater
  24. 24Another WonDream Theater
  25. 25As I amDream Theater
  26. 26AstonishingDream Theater
  27. 27At Wit's EndDream Theater
  28. 28BadDream Theater
  29. 29Barstool WarriorDream Theater
  30. 30Begin AgainDream Theater
  31. 31Behind The VeilDream Theater
  32. 32Beneath The SurfaceDream Theater
  33. 33Beyond This LifeDream Theater
  34. 34Breaking All IllusionsDream Theater
  35. 35Bridges in the SkyDream Theater
  36. 36Brother, Can You Hear Me?Dream Theater
  37. 37Build Me Up, Break Me DownDream Theater
  38. 38Burning my SoulDream Theater
  39. 39Caught in a new MillenniumDream Theater
  40. 40Caught in a webDream Theater
  41. 41ChosenDream Theater
  42. 42Cover my EyesDream Theater
  43. 43Damage, Inc.Dream Theater
  44. 44Degree 1: the Glass PrisonDream Theater
  45. 45Degree 2: Blind FaithDream Theater
  46. 46Degree 3: MisunderstoodDream Theater
  47. 47Degree 4: the Great DebateDream Theater
  48. 48Degree 6: Six Degrees of Inner TurbulenceDream Theater
  49. 49Different Strings / Analog kid / la Villa StrangiatoDream Theater
  50. 50DisappearDream Theater
  51. 51Don't Look Past meDream Theater
  52. 52EasterDream Theater
  53. 53Endless SacrificeDream Theater
  54. 54EveDream Theater
  55. 55Fall Into The LightDream Theater
  56. 56Far From HeavenDream Theater
  57. 57Fatal TragedyDream Theater
  58. 58Finally FreeDream Theater
  59. 59Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies BleedingDream Theater
  60. 60Gates of BabylonDream Theater
  61. 61Golden Slumbers / Carry That WeightDream Theater
  62. 62Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadDream Theater
  63. 63Goodnight KissDream Theater
  64. 64Happiness is a Warm gunDream Theater
  65. 65Heaven's CoveDream Theater
  66. 66Hey youDream Theater
  67. 67Hollow YearDream Theater
  68. 68HomeDream Theater
  69. 69Honor thy FatherDream Theater
  70. 70Hymn Of a Thousand VoicesDream Theater
  71. 71I Walk Beside youDream Theater
  72. 72Illumination TheoryDream Theater
  73. 73In the Dead of NightDream Theater
  74. 74In the Name of godDream Theater
  75. 75Innocence FadedDream Theater
  76. 76Just let me BreatheDream Theater
  77. 77Just let me BreatheDream Theater
  78. 78Learning to LiveDream Theater
  79. 79LieDream Theater
  80. 80Lifting Shadows off a DreamDream Theater
  81. 81Light Fuse and get AwayDream Theater
  82. 82Lines in the SandDream Theater
  83. 83Lines in the Sand (Demo Version)Dream Theater
  84. 84Lord NafaryusDream Theater
  85. 85Losing FaytheDream Theater
  86. 86Losing Time / Grang FinalDream Theater
  87. 87Lost Not ForgottenDream Theater
  88. 88March of the TyrantDream Theater
  89. 89Mean StreetDream Theater
  90. 90Medley: MetropolisDream Theater
  91. 91MetropolisDream Theater
  92. 92Metropolis pt. 1Dream Theater
  93. 93Moment Of BetrayalDream Theater
  94. 94My Last FarewellDream Theater
  95. 95Never EnoughDream Theater
  96. 96New MilleniumDream Theater
  97. 97O Holy NightDream Theater
  98. 98OctavariumDream Theater
  99. 99On the Backs of AngelsDream Theater
  100. 100One Last TimeDream Theater
  101. 101Only a Matter of TimeDream Theater
  102. 102Our New WorldDream Theater
  103. 103Out Of ReachDream Theater
  104. 104OutcryDream Theater
  105. 105Pale Blue DotDream Theater
  106. 106Panic AttackDream Theater
  107. 107ParalyzedDream Theater
  108. 108Perfect StrangersDream Theater
  109. 109Peruvian SkiesDream Theater
  110. 110Pull me UnderDream Theater
  111. 111Raise the KnifDream Theater
  112. 112RavenskillDream Theater
  113. 113Red Hill Mining TownDream Theater
  114. 114RegressionDream Theater
  115. 115Room 137Dream Theater
  116. 116S2NDream Theater
  117. 117Sacrified SonsDream Theater
  118. 118ScarredDream Theater
  119. 119Since I've Been Loving youDream Theater
  120. 120Solitary ShellDream Theater
  121. 121Space-Dye VestDream Theater
  122. 122Speak to meDream Theater
  123. 123Status SeekerDream Theater
  124. 124Strange Deja vuDream Theater
  125. 125Surrender To ReasonDream Theater
  126. 126SurroundedDream Theater
  127. 127Take Away my PainDream Theater
  128. 128Take the TimeDream Theater
  129. 129TearsDream Theater
  130. 130The AnswerDream Theater
  131. 131The Answer Lies WithinDream Theater
  132. 132The Best Of TimesDream Theater
  133. 133The big MedleyDream Theater
  134. 134The Bigger PictureDream Theater
  135. 135The Count Of TuscanyDream Theater
  136. 136The Enemy InsideDream Theater
  137. 137The Gift Of MusicDream Theater
  138. 138The Great DebateDream Theater
  139. 139The Killing HandDream Theater
  140. 140The Looking GlassDream Theater
  141. 141The MirrorDream Theater
  142. 142The Ones who Help to set the sunDream Theater
  143. 143The Path That DividesDream Theater
  144. 144The Road To RevolutionDream Theater
  145. 145The Root of all EvilDream Theater
  146. 146The Rover / Achilles Last Stand / the Song Remains the SameDream Theater
  147. 147The Shattered FortressDream Theater
  148. 148The Silent manDream Theater
  149. 149The Spirit Carries onDream Theater
  150. 150The Spirit Carries OnDream Theater
  151. 151The Test That Stumped Them allDream Theater
  152. 152The Walking ShadowDream Theater
  153. 153The way it Used to beDream Theater
  154. 154The X AspectDream Theater
  155. 155These WallsDream Theater
  156. 156This Dying SoulDream Theater
  157. 157This is the LifeDream Theater
  158. 158Three DaysDream Theater
  159. 159Through her EyesDream Theater
  160. 160Through my WordsDream Theater
  161. 161To Live ForeverDream Theater
  162. 162Trial of TearsDream Theater
  163. 163Two farDream Theater
  164. 164Under a Glass MoonDream Theater
  165. 165Untethered AngelDream Theater
  166. 166VacantDream Theater
  167. 167Viper KingDream Theater
  168. 168Vital StarDream Theater
  169. 169VoicesDream Theater
  170. 170Wait for SleepDream Theater
  171. 171Wanted Dead or AliveDream Theater
  172. 172War Inside my HeadDream Theater
  173. 173When Your Time Has ComeDream Theater
  174. 174Where are you nowDream Theater
  175. 175Whispers On The WindDream Theater
  176. 176WinterDream Theater
  177. 177WitherDream Theater
  178. 178You not meDream Theater
  179. 179You or meDream Theater
  180. 180Your MajestyDream Theater

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